All anti-vibration gloves pose a potential danger to the user because of harmful resonance in the finger padding.

This harmful resonance is usually worst around 100Hz-400Hz (6,000rpm-24,000rpm).

Eureka has launched a range of vibration-reducing gloves that avoid the pitfalls yet reap the benefits! The gloves are divided into four vibration-reducing segments:

  • Impacting tools: Best dexterity! 15-1 transient vibration
  • Fast (>350Hz-400Hz) or impacting tools: Use the Impact vibration, this has a winter version too as cold hands amplify hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS)
  • Slow tools, best possible protection >150Hz-200Hz: The unique and patent pending Impact Vibration Amplitude provides better finer protection than any other glove!
  • Partial protection slow tools: Protecting palm and wrist from 40Hz-50Hz is the Impact Vibration Flexi

A more practical tool and glove guide to get matching approximately right is shown below:

dot chart

Red combinations are to be avoided, yellow pose little benefit, while green is likely to be very beneficial.

To get a full understanding, please contact Eureka Safety for more details, as the issue is both of very-high importance and has a very-high complexity!