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Protective Industrial Clothing and Equipment

Impacto Protective Products has been manufacturing and marketing specialised personal protective equipment since 1986.

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anti-vibration gloves, wrist supports, body pads, back supports, cushions, mats, knee pads, foot protection

Impacto Protective Products has been manufacturing and marketing specialised personal protective equipment since 1986. The company’s stakeholders include safety groups, engineering staff, medical personnel, unions, management and, most importantly, frontline workers. By interacting with these groups, Impacto is able to provide solutions that incorporate ergonomic design, protective clothing and employee training.

Ergonomic body protection equipment

Impacto has sold millions of gloves to companies in North America and globally. Other international injury prevention experts serve as distributors and affiliates, advising the company in many speciality areas. It carries an extensive line of premium products, including gloves for both impact and vibration. Impacto also offers wrist supports, insoles, knee pads, back supports, ergonomic seating, foot-protective products and other ergonomic body protection products.

Acquisitions in 2009 of Viscolas, in 2011 of Ergotech and in 2013 of the Ergo Mates line expanded Impacto’s business footprint in the ergonomics and safety fields, while enabling the company to continue providing an excellent service to its customers.

Impacto® DRYRIGGERS oil-and-water-resistant gloves provide protection from impact and abrasion.
The Impacto anti-vibration Air Glove® is designed for maximum protection, comfort and dexterity when used with vibration power tools.
Impacto Back Tracker anti-impact gloves feature heavy duty thermopastic rubber (TPR) on the back of fingers, thumb and the hand to protect against bumps and bruises.
The Impacto safety steel toe cap is designed to fit tightly over existing shoes to protect the toe area from accidental stubbing or crushing.
Impacto anti-fatigue memory foam insoles provide maximum comfort and shock absorption for work shoes and boots.

HSE specialist gear for industrial environments

Impacto is strongly guided by a few basic principles:

  • Outstanding product performance: in terms of protection, prevention and comfort
  • Quality solutions for your needs: only by thoroughly understanding your unique situation, can the company deliver lower worker’s compensation costs and better protection for your employees
  • Customised solutions: Impacto will design a new product that meets your requirements; it develops prototypes and produces small runs at the appropriate level of need
  • No nonsense services: from first contact to plant evaluations to information services to designing new products; Impacto will work closely with you at a level that is comfortable for you
  • Client partnership: lowering worker’s compensation claims by successfully preventing injuries requires close cooperation between us and our clients; working together, we can both be successful

Personal protective equipment for handling vibration impact and repetitive motion

Impacto is committed to developing innovative new products to provide protection from vibration, impact and repetitive motion. The company is committed to:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Continual improvement of our products, processes and quality management system
  • Expanding our markets by developing new, specialised personal protective equipment
  • Optimising employee participation in product improvement and customer service
  • Employee training and enhancement of the workplace environment
  • Compliance with stated quality requirements based on ISO 9001:2008

Anti-impact work gloves

Multiple styles of anti-vibration gloves surpass the ANSI S3.40/2002: EN ISO 10819 anti-vibration glove standard, including the patented air glove. in addition, Impacto offers more than 300 unique styles of anti-impact / work gloves to suit any work site or condition. Impacto uses the highest-quality materials to provide a high level of function, wear and protection.

Gloves for wrist support and preventing repetitive strain injuries

Impacto gloves are available with added wrist supports for comfortable protection from repetitive strain injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis. The company offers a full line of body supports such as tennis elbow, knee, shoulder and back wraps, as well as exercise aids. More than 20 different styles of knee pads include foam PVC-free and gel, as well as leather and soft versions to address all price points and conditions.

Body protectors

Over 50 unique ergonomic seat cushions and body pads offer vibration attenuation, impact absorption, and comfort for workers in almost every industry. Also, a wide range of styles of back supports meet price points and specific requirements. The patented Impacto Air Belt® offers workers a custom fit while giving support to the lumbar region of the back.

Foot protection with steel toe caps, metatarsal padding and puncture-resistance

The excellent foot products available from Impacto include steel toe caps, metatarsal protectors, anti-fatigue insoles, puncture-resistant insoles and other orthotic products. In 2013, the company acquired the ErgoMates product line, which specialises in anti-fatigue overshoes.

Custom safety equipment

Impacto is aware that some job sites require special attention to make them safe. The company’s R&D department works with its distributors and their end-user clients to produce speciality items to help create as safe a worksite as possible.

Please contact the company for more information or to receive a printed catalogue.

White Papers

  • Anti-Vibration Air Gloves

    International Standard EN ISO 10819:1996 ("Mechanical vibration and shock Hand-arm vibration - Method for the measurement and evaluation of the vibration transmissibility of gloves at the palm of the hand") specifies the amplitude of vibration transmissibility that must be achieved for a glove to be classified as an anti-vibration glove.

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