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Norsafe is one of the oldest boat-building companies in Norway specialising in lifeboats. The company produces a full range of free-fall boats and fast rescue boats with davits. Since its foundation in 1903, Norsafe has supplied more than 25,000 lifeboats to the global ship market.

All boats and associated equipment have been approved in accordance with Solas 1983/96 and subsequent amendments and are EC labelled in accordance with the Marine Equipment Directive.

Largest totally enclosed lifeboats worldwide

The smallest boats in the lifeboat range are approved both as lifeboats and rescue boats. Our largest totally enclosed lifeboat (TELB) has a capacity of 136 people and is the largest on the market. All boats and associated equipment have been approved in accordance with SOLAS 1983/96 and subsequent amendments and EC labelled in accordance with the Marine Equipment Directive.

A fire protecting spray system pump takes seawater from the lowest possible location under the boat. The compressed air system has sufficient capacity to provide air for the maximum number of personnel and engine combustion for a minimum of 10min. The over-pressure inside the boat prevents ingress of toxic fumes or gas.

Marine life-saving systems

Norsafe is the global market leader in marine life-saving systems – lifeboats, rescue boats and davits, all integrated into a total safety solution for the merchant and offshore markets. Our wide product range covers most needs for lifeboats, rescue boats, daughter crafts and davits, including:

  • Conventional lifeboats up to 150 persons
  • Free-fall lifeboats up to 90 persons
  • Fast rescue boats up to 8.5m
  • Fast rescue crafts up to 12m
  • Fast daughter crafts up to 24 persons

Norsafe manufactures the largest free-fall lifeboat in the world, certified for drop heights up to 51m, and has also received several design awards and world records for its products. Norsafe supplies and sells davits to fit all of our boats, but we also sell davits separately.

Rescue boats and daughter crafts

Norsafe offer the market’s widest range of rescue boats and daughter craft for ships, which combine superb seaworthiness with manoeuvrability and speed. The rescue boats are made of GRP and have a low freeboard to facilitate rescue operations. They are self-bailing, have ample deck space, a self-righting system and a sturdy foam-filled fender and are supplied with a diesel inboard motor with water jet propulsion or outboard engines.

Our specially developed davits, with shock absorbers and tension system for severe weather, allow our rescue boats to be launched from a mother ship even in heavy seas.

Daughter craft, police boats or patrol boats

Norsafe also offers a large range of boats intended for daughter craft, police or patrol boat operations. They can also be used by customs, inspection, or other duties that require the combination of superb seaworthiness, excellent maneuverability and speed. They can be installed with both single and twin installations of diesel engines and waterjets.

The largest boats can also be installed with twin surface drives for optimum speed. The boats are delivered with shock absorbing seats for crew and can be configured in many possible ways to best suit customer requests and requirements.

Free-fall lifeboats and davits for launching/retrieval

A large number of ships are equipped with our free-fall lifeboats. The benefits are clear: during rapid evacuation in emergencies, the boat slides out from a ramp on-board the ship and enters the water, with a high positive forward motion, well away from the ship.

Passengers are safe and secure in an enclosed cabin, securely strapped to anatomically shaped seats. The lifeboat system is robust and can withstand high winds, powerful waves and extreme weather conditions.

Our largest boats can withstand drops from heights of up to 40m and are highly space-efficient. We supply davits specially designed for our free-fall lifeboats and can adapt davits to suit all on-board conditions. The Norsafe HD davit system is especially designed for safe and efficient launching and retrieval of Norsafe free-fall lifeboat.

Lifeboat training

Worldwide service is a growing business segment, into which Norsafe puts a lot of effort. Norsafe, along with our global network of certified service agents, offer service globally. As part of the overall service concept, Norsafe offers training for service agents, crew, inspectors etc. at our training facilities in Norway.

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Press Release

World Premiere of New Boat with Diesel Outboard Engines at HSBO in Gothenburg

Norsafe has launched a new boat model, the Marathon 900 RIB.

White Papers

Norsafe Lifeboat Safety Measures

Norsafe is the global market leader in marine lifesaving systems, with lifeboats, rescue boats and davits integrated into a total safety solution for the merchant and offshore markets.

Norsafe AS

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Press Release

31 May 2016

Norsafe has launched a new boat model, the Marathon 900 RIB.

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12 March 2015

In December 2014, Norsafe received the DNV GL certificate, as a proof that Norsafe conducts the highest international standard as a maritime training provider.

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19 February 2014

On 2 July 2013, Norsafe and the Swedish Coastguard (KBV) signed a frame contract concerning the delivery of its next-generation workboats.

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1 November 2013

Norsafe has released a new white paper with information on its range of safety boats and offshore installations.

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9 September 2013

At 7.50pm on Tuesday 3 September, the world's most advanced free-fall lifeboat performed a successful drop from a height of 66.8m, a new world record.

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25 June 2013

On 13 June the annual Safety at Sea Awards took place on-board the historic Royal Navy warship HMS Belfast in London.

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12 April 2013

Norsafe is pleased to announce that it has opened a new service station in Perth, Australia. This offers customers better access to service, maintenance, spare parts and training for lifesaving systems in the region.

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24 December 2012

Norsafe is finishing the year with a strong last push, receiving orders for a further NOK450 million. This comes after the sales department of the company signed contracts worth more than NOK400 million during the course of October 2012. In total, the order intake for the 4th quarter of 2012 is NOK850 million, raising the order backlog of the company to a record-high NOK1.7 billion.

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15 November 2012

Norsafe has received orders for 400 million NOK over the course of one month, reinforcing its role as the world's leading manufacturer and supplier of maritime lifesaving systems.

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2 October 2012

Norsafe has conducted the highest free-fall drop ever, featuring a so-called free-fall lifeboat. The test was conducted from a height of 61.53m and was very successful.

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5 April 2012

There has been a fantastic international demand for Norsafe's new lifeboat, which meets the latest rules and regulations. DNV-OS-E406 and NORSOK R-002 are the newest standards for free fall lifeboat systems for the Norwegian Continental Shelf, and will become mandatory from 2015.

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Norsafe AS

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Norsafe Korea Co., Ltd.

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Jiangyin Norsafe F.R.P. Co. Ltd.

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Norsafe Singapore Pte Ltd.

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Norsafe Watercraft Hellas S.A.

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Lifeboat Service de Mexico SA DE CV

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Norsafe Marine & Offshore

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Norsafe Comércio e Serviços Marítimos Ltda.

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