Magnum 750 rescue boats

On 2 July 2013, Norsafe and the Swedish Coastguard (KBV) signed a frame contract concerning the delivery of its next-generation workboats. The total number of boats is undecided, but in October, Norsafe received its seventh boat order for delivery in 2014; a contract to deliver next-generation Magnum 750 rescue boats. KBV is a well-informed customer with enormous experience, and through this collaboration Norsafe has benefited from its extensive knowledge of these boats.

In 1997, KBV purchased new workboats from Norsafe, and this resulted in the design of Norsafe’s Magnum 750. 15 years later, these boats are still in active duty by KBV and are used for dive-operations, controlling speed and alcohol at sea, custom inspections and search and rescue operations amongst other tasks. The boats are in operation from the southernmost tip of Sweden to the far north.

KBV is a high-end user and gaining access to their operators is highly valuable to Norsafe. Their rich experience will benefit all of our customers. It has been a positive experience collaborating with KBVs professional project management team. The project has been interesting and highly enjoyable for both parties, and time spent problem solving together has been very rewarding. We are very grateful for this close cooperation, even if it is hard work; KBV maintains a very high quality standard and their boats are expected to be fully operational until the end of their 15 year lifespan. These boats work on average 400 hours a year and are utilised for a wide variety of missions in all kinds of weather.

Norsafe has confirmed its position as a trustworthy supplier of high-end rescue boats for the military and professional market, a market that accepts nothing less than the best. We are delighted to be given the task of delivering the next generation Magnum 750 rescue boats to the KBV. This experience will be influence the new design of the boat which will affect all our future customers. The new design will mainly consist of an upgrade of the console making more room for electronic equipment, enhanced operator ergonomics/occupational safety and easier access for maintenance. The boat will carry a 400 HP Bukh Marine Diesel engine and a Hamilton 274 waterjet, enabling the boat to perform speeds up to 40 knots. The boat also has the latest technology within marine navigation and communication equipment.