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SafetyGrip Solutions

Anti-Slip Safety Products for the Oil and Gas Industry

Unit 1 Cairnrobin Pipeyard,
AB12 4SB Aberdeenshire,
United Kingdom

Unit 1 Cairnrobin Pipeyard,
AB12 4SB Aberdeenshire,
United Kingdom

SafetyGrip Solutions manufacture and supply an extensive range of anti-slip safety products for the oil and gas industry. Our products range from drill floor safety mats through to high traction anti-slip stair tread covers, anti-slip walkway covers, anti-slip ladder rung covers and pipe and hose ramps.

Our unique products are all specifically designed to eliminate the hazard of slips, trips and falls in the workplace. As one of the UK’s leading manufacturers, the company has grown to become the supplier of choice for many of the major international offshore drilling contractors, oil and gas operators and marine and shipping companies on a global scale.

SafetyGrip has built a reputation on excellent technical expertise, outstanding levels of quality and continued commitment to innovation. As well as our extensive product portfolio, SafetyGrip offers technical, design and manufacturing services to solve your specific needs and meet your budget.

We specialise in industrial applications where strength and durability are considered essential.

Key product features include:

  • High traction surfaces
  • Heavy-duty and hard wearing
  • Standard and custom applications
  • Fire-retardant properties
  • Non corrosive and chemical-resistant
  • High-visibility options including hazard identification
  • Fully guaranteed
  • Widely used throughout the industry

Heavy-duty drill floor safety mats

SafetyGrip Solutions manufacture and produce our own unique brand of rig floor safety matting, Rig-Grip safety mats, which are designed primarily for drill floor areas on a rig.

Mat applications range from rotary table, pipe racks and monkey board to complete rig floor coverage. Our mats offer superior levels of strength and durability, and combined with an excellent level of traction they will prove to be an asset to any drilling operation.

Rig-Grip safety mats are custom moulded and designed for easy installation. They are sized and shaped to fit around your existing deck equipment with ease, and as a result your operations will experience minimal downtime or inconvenience.

Each mat is supplied incorporating both our high traction studded surface, as well as a grooved channelled surface to provide excellent fluid control and drainage.

Manufactured using custom blended chemical and fire-resistant polymers, each mat offers superb levels of tear and abrasion resistance and will provide a safe and reliable work surface even in the harshest conditions.

Available in various colours, the mats can incorporate hazard identification messages embedded within the surface of the mat – ideal for highlighting red zone areas on the rig floor.

Anti-slip stair tread covers and nosings

SafetyGrip Solutions’ stair tread covers are designed to be retrofitted onto your existing stairs. Covering the leading edge of the step, they will offer superb levels and traction to both new and old stairs, even in the most adverse conditions.

Anti-slip tread covers and nosings are available in a number of standard sizes and surface grades. In addition, they can be supplied pre-sized and drilled to allow easy installation. Available in a wide range of colours, the covers now also include hazard identification markings as well as hi-glo photoluminescent finishes.

Constructed using the latest GRP technology, they will offer superb levels of corrosion, fire and impact resistance and they will remain highly effective even after many years of use. Fully guaranteed.

Anti-slip walkway covers and tiles

SafetyGrip Solutions’ high traction walkway and deck covers can be installed to a wide range of surfaces; these GRP covers can be manufactured to suit your individual location.

Whether it be solid plated decks and open grating through to timber and concrete surfaces, we offer a range of sheets / tiles that can be welded, bolted, screwed or bonded, and will ensure your walkways and decks remain safe and slip free.

SafetyGrip walkway covers are available in a wide variety of sizes, and can incorporate various high traction surface profiles.

Anti-slip pipe and hose ramps/covers

SafetyGrip Solutions’ range of heavy-duty anti-slip pipe and hose ramps are designed with a dual purpose in mind, as they offer a high traction surface to ensure safe pedestrian access whilst simultaneously acting as a protective cover for the pipes, hoses or cables that they bridge.

They are lightweight and easy to move, and can therefore be used in multiple locations around the platform. They can be supplied with various safety messages embossed on the sides.

A full range of sizes is available, incuding covering pipes and hoses from 1in-8in.

Anti-slip ladder rung covers

SafetyGrip Solutions’ ladder rung covers are commonly used offshore on vertical access ladders. By installing SafetyGrip ladder rungs you drastically increase the safety of personnel ascending / descending ladders and whilst working at height.

Supplied in a wide range of sizes with either square or round bar profiles, these anti-slip covers are easy to fit and will ensure long-term durability.

Hi-glo colours and hazard identification

SafetyGrip Solutions’ anti-slip products can incorporate hi-glo colours to ensure high-visibility both night and day. In addition we can apply various safety messages and hazard identification to all our products to alert personnel to site dangers.

These can include the following: use handrail / red zone / danger.

We can also incorporate company logos or apply company colours throughout your installation.

Rig-Grip® Drill Floor Safety Matting

Rig-Grip® safety mats are designed primarily for drill floor applications, their unique heavy-duty construction ensures they are extremely robust and durable, and can handle anything that is thrown at them.

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Unit 1 Cairnrobin Pipeyard



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