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Safetygrip Solutions Work With Shell to Push Dropped Object Prevention Scheme

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SafetyGrip Solutions were recently awarded a contract to supply its range of rig-grip drill floor safety matting to Shell’s Khan Tan IV Deepwater Drilling Rig operating in waters of the coast of New Zealand.

As part of Shell’s continued dropped object prevention policy where all high-risk areas of the rig must be clearly controlled and managed to reduce the exposure to potential dropped object incidents, SafetyGrip’s Red Zone safety matting was identified as the most suitable option for highlighting high-risk dangerous areas of the rig floor.

As part of the contract award, SafetyGrip undertook a full detailed rig floor survey prior to commencement of operations and identified coverage and specification needed to meet Shell’s strict requirements, this was followed up with detailed design and manufacture of our Rig-Grip Safety matting, which was custom-fitted to the rig whilst in a undergoing customer acceptance testing in a Singapore shipyard. SafetyGrip Red Zone matting was praised by both Shells Wells team and Frigstad Offshore, who was the operator of the rig, as a result SafetyGrip Safety mats were used during Shell’s marketing poster campaign to highlight the importance of dropped object prevention.

SafetyGrip has now supplied it Red Zone safety matting to more than 100 offshore drilling rigs operating in all corners of the globe, we continue to develop new innovative ideas to ensure drilling operation continue to be done in the most safest of conditions.

For more informaiton, please contact SafetyGrip.

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