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Gas Detection for Offshore Exploration and Production Applications

Teledyne Gas & Flame Detection specialises in the provision of high-quality gas detection solutions for use in harsh offshore exploration and production environments.


Teledyne Gas & Flame Detection specialises in the provision of high-quality gas detection solutions for use in harsh offshore exploration and production environments.

Our reliable and hard-wearing products are able to withstand corrosion and extreme weather conditions and are designed to alert users to the presence of a range of potential hazards, including carbon monoxide, methane, nitrogen oxide and hydrogen sulphide, as well as flames and combustible gases.

Fixed-point gas detection systems for offshore platforms

Teledyne Gas & Flame Detection’s global solutions include gas detectors that are specifically designed for harsh environments such as those encountered in oil and gas drilling and production. Solutions include wired and wireless gas detection systems that monitor toxic and combustible gases and oxygen deficiency that offer unrivaled accuracy, response time and stability.

Systems are designed to minimize or eliminate interference from sun, rain and fog, as well as vibration and corrosion.

The Detcon 700 and GD10P are two of 3M Gas & Flame Detection's fixed gas detectors. These products are specifically designed for harsh locations and are widely used in offshore installations. Several other fixed gas systems are also available to meet different user requirements.
The GD10L Open Path IR Hydrocarbon Gas Detector safeguards life, environment and property through reliable gas detection over path lengths from 2m (6.5 ft.) to 30m (100 ft.). The GD1 Open Path Toxic Laser Gas Detector for H2S is also available.
The SmartWireless® Site Sentinel is a standalone transportable wireless gas detection system for one or a combination of electrochemical and infrared sensors to monitor toxic gases and / or combustible hydrocarbons in heavy industrial environments.
3M Gas & Flame Detection's range of flame detectors includes cost-effective protection to high-end SIL 3 certified triple IR flame detectors with built-in CCTV cameras.
3M Gas & Flame Detection offers a vast range of controllers and alarms for various safety requirements.
A robust portable gas detector with optional internal pump and dual alarms, the four-gas PS200 Detector provides unrivalled protection in confined space and other applications with potential exposure to flammable or toxic gases.
The BM25 is a transportable Multi-Gas Monitor that provides the benefits of a fixed monitoring system in a rugged, user-friendly transportable instrument.

In addition to fixed-point gas detection, Teledyne Gas & Flame Detection offers open path gas detection systems for hydrogen sulfide (H2S), and combustible gases.

Open path detection safeguards life, environment and property through reliable gas detection over path lengths from 2m (6.5ft) to 30m (100ft) or more, depending on the unit in use.

With a multitude of systems available, users can select the best technology and performance solution for the situation at hand.

Technologies include catalytic bead, infrared (IR), solid state metal oxide (MOS), photo ionization (PID), electrochemical (echem) and tunable laser diodes for open-path detection.

Integration options include onboard and remote relays, 4-20mA, HART, Modbus and wireless.

Battery-powered wireless gas detection devices

Wireless gas detection systems can be used in permanent or temporary installations, and are suitable for hazardous locations such as oil and gas platforms, production, gas processing, pipelines, wellheads and storage facilities.

Teledyne Gas & Flame Detection’s SmartWireless® systems offer self-healing Mesh network, dual redundant systems for fail safe operations, up to 3km line of sight and integrated control and alarm systems for sophisticated remote area monitoring.

Our wireless systems are easy to install, move or expand, reducing time on materials and labor costs.

Flame detection systems

Teledyne Gas & Flame Detection’s optical flame detection solutions include global approvals and up to SIL3 certifications, with technologies such as IR, triple IR, ultraviolet with IR (UV / IR), multi-IR, and infrared array. Systems are designed to maintain a high degree of false alarm immunity while responding effectively to hydrocarbon fires. On certain systems, closed circuit TV (CCTV) is an option for operators requiring visual verification.

Common outputs include 4-20mA, relay, Modbus and HART.

Safety controllers and alarm stations

Teledyne Gas & Flame Detection offers a wide selection of modular, rack-mounted and wireless controllers to monitor field, gas and flame detection devices.

Audio / video alarm stations are easily and economically deployable in both permanent and temporary installations and are available in wired or wireless options. Designed to meet various safety requirements, these flexible and effective control solutions include a multiple visual and audible alarm options to meet the client’s specifications for indoor or outdoor applications.

Portable gas detection and area monitoring systems

For personal monitoring, Teledyne Gas & Flame Detection offers single-gas to five-gas portable gas detectors that are robust and easy-to-use. These include the zero-maintenance single gas detectors up to the five-gas detectors with internal pump, which is suitable for confined spaces.

Teledyne Gas & Flame Detection offers the transportable BM25 multi-gas monitor, in both wired and wireless versions, for detection of toxic and combustible gases and oxygen deficiency. Suitable for temporary operations, multiple units can be connected and networked to monitor hazardous areas. Other area monitoring systems such as the SmartWireless® system offers expanded capabilities and up to 3km line of sight.

About Teledyne Gas & Flame Detection

Teledyne Gas & Flame Detection group includes companies and personnel with a hundred years of experience.

Coupled with the vast product portfolio, engineering expertise and global footprint enables Teledyne Gas & Flame Detection to design solutions for every need. Teledyne Gas & Flame Detection products and integrated solutions are widely accepted and utilized across the globe. Approvals across the product range include SIL2 / SIL3, ATEX, CSA, TUV Rheinland, IECEX, CE, UL, INMETRO and others. Specific information product is available upon request.

Teledyne Gas & Flame Detection provides consulting and feasibility studies, helps design integrated solutions and follows through to offer commissioning, validation, training and service.

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    Teledyne Technologies Incorporated (Teledyne) has announced the successful completion of the previously announced acquisition by Teledyne of the gas and flame detection business of 3M for $230 million in cash.

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