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Solutions to Oily Water Separation

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Enviro-Tech Systems is engaged in the manufacturing and servicing of produced water treatment equipment for the oil and gas industry worldwide.

Enviro-Tech Systems specializes in the Enviro-Cell™ induced gas flotation cell (IGF), Enviro-Sep™ corrugated plate separator (CPI), Sumperator™ (sump caisson  / skim pile), Skim-Sep™ (API 421 / skimmers), Enerscope desander, hydrocyclone and filtration, Flo-Clean™ (pipeline maintenance / flow backs / frac water treatment), Enviro-Process™ Smart Water Technology™ and Smart Water Discharge™ with Advanced Sensors’ oil in water analyzer (PPM monitor).

Technical services for produced water treatment

As an experienced full-service produced water treatment company, Enviro-Tech Systems utilizes knowledge and expertise to deliver innovative solutions geared towards the betterment of the produced water process. Enlisting globally certified field personnel, Enviro-Tech Systems is capable of troubleshooting and refurbishment, as well as designing parts for and conducting field surveys on Petrolite, US Filter, Unicell, Monosep, Wemco, Tridair, Monarch, Chemlink and Prosep.

Oily water separation, solids separation and product effluent monitoring

Accounting for oily water separation, solids separation, and product effluent monitoring, Enviro-Tech Systems sets in motion its Smart Water Technology system with not only the removal of unwanted solids but the ability to monitor quality at discharge.

Possessing four active cells, no internal moving parts and an adjustable oil weir assembly, the Enviro Cell™ (IGF) is a low-maintenance unit, structurally sound for extended life.
With a sophisticated compact design the Enviro-Sep™ (CPI) utilizes innovative engineering to minimize the distance of rise for oil droplets to be separated, producing the cleanest water allowed for discharge.
Enviro-Tech Systems' Advanced Sensor oil-in-water analyzer is a maintenance-free online PPM monitor specially designed to operate in hazardous conditions, to provide accurate, consistent, and uninterrupted measurements.
Enerscope Systems provides advanced technology-based products that offer solutions to a multitude of applications, including desanding, filtration and deoiling.
Accounting for produced water, deck drain or washdown, the Sumperator is capable of removing 50&#181; oil droplets; thus allowing for a <20ppm effluent.

By using Enerscope desander technology, unwanted solids are removed from processing; however, with the addition of the Enerscope hydrocyclone or the Enviro-Sep (CPI) for the removal of oil and solids, the oily process can be further treated. 

Following solids separation, the Enviro-Cell (IGF) is able to polish the separated oil to a composite efficiency range of 90%-97%. As a final course for the recovered water or wash down, the Sumperator (sump caison / skim pile) acts as an emergency discharge point for overboard discharge. The Smart Water Technology system further anticipates success by incorporating a PPM monitoring system that provides leading indicators of the total system performance to the operator.

Processed water treatment with online PPM monitor

Enviro-Tech Systems’ Enviro-Process Smart Water Discharge system operates on the premise that discharge exceeding government regulations is preventable. The system allows platform operators to anticipate unforeseen events by monitoring leading indicators, which demonstrate the process equipment’s performance. 

Through continuous, strategic online monitoring and remote connectivity, the Enviro-Tech Systems’ Advanced Sensors’ oil-in-water analyzers’ advanced warning system operates within environmental discharge limits, alerting operators of impending equipment malfunction, thus minimizing downtime and providing upset management. 

Maintenance-free oil-in-water monitor

Enviro-Tech Systems’ Advanced Sensors’ oil-in-water monitor is a maintenance-free online PPM monitor. Specially designed to operate in hazardous conditions, this PPM monitor utilizes current technology, such as Windows XP, to provide accurate, consistent and uninterrupted measurements for up to 20,000ppm, every second. 

Through the use of ultrasonic self-cleaning technology, this PPM monitor possesses a 100% success rate at delivering accurate oil in water readings over a 12-month period. Operating in real time, this PPM monitor is able to monitor multiple units as well as generate accurate information to a mobile phone or PDA. 

Pipeline maintenance / flow backs / frac water with portable equipment

With a multi-wastewater concept and utilizing two unique separation principles in the primary stage, Enviro-Tech Systems is able to provide the maximum advantages of the Flo-Clean System for the treatment of wastewater from the flow source: bilge, pipeline maintenance, acid stimulation, well completion, produced water deck drainage, pic and form, and wash down.

Employing this multi-process pre-treatment increases filter life and enhances the system’s ability to withstand slugs of heavily contaminated fluids without prematurely compromising filter media. The Flo-Clean System is an on-site, portable, treatment process that delivers a cost per barrel filtered which is the lowest in the industry. The multimedia capabilities of the IMMS Pillow design allow for the Flo-Clean System to be customized to fit the job. Eliminating the need for multiple filter vessels, this user-friendly design makes it the right choice for field personnel.

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17327 Norwell Drive
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