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Enviro-Cell™ EC-3V Vertical Induced Gas Flotation Unit

The produced water treatment system is an integral part of any offshore production facility. All produced water generated in an offshore field is treated on the facility with the produced water treatment equipment available. This equipment must be able to meet stringent discharge requirements, or risk environmental impacts and hefty noncompliance citations and fines.

In an effort to increase platform production through the addition of wells while correcting excessively high levels of oil in the overboard discharge, leading to sheens and noncompliance, a Gulf of Mexico major oil company facility, processing 2,400 barrels of produced water daily, directed its engineers to find the best available technology on the market for secondary produced water treatment. After
extensive comparison, the Enviro-Cell™ (EC-3V) vertical unit was chosen for rental and testing due to its advanced features and benefits over many mechanical style vertically designed induced gas flotation (IGF) units.

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