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Waste Heat Recovery Evaporation Technologies for the Offshore Industry

Maxim Evaporators is a leader in desalination technology offering a series of heat recovery evaporators and a full array of engineering, manufacturing, installation, training and maintenance services.

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Maxim is a leader in desalination technology, offering a series of heat recovery evaporators and seawater reverse osmosis systems. Maxim offers a full array of engineering, manufacturing, installation, training and maintenance services. Maxim has and continues to manufacture the highest quality watermakers available.

Waste heat recovery evaporative technology for the offshore industry

Heat recovery evaporation is the most energy efficient desalination technology. Waste heat from engine jacket water, engine exhaust, steam or other heat source is used, providing the bulk of the energy requirement.

Heat recovery evaporators provide stability and consistency across all types of feedwater, and can handle wide ranges of feedwater temperatures. Evaporators can function well in river water, brackish bay water or seawater yielding the same high-quality results.

Maintenance costs are greatly reduced because Maxim evaporators operate using a simple and reliable design, and do not use filters or membranes that need to be replaced, even in the presence of foul feed water. Maxim designs do not require expensive or complicated, high-pressure components, membranes or filtration systems.

The MAXIM Model HJ20C: water production capacity of 1,200 GPD or 317,040m³.
The MAXIM Model HJ50C: water production capacity of 3,000 GPD or 792,600m³.
The MAXIM Model TCF 7.5: water production capacity of 7,500 GPD or 1,981,500m³.
This is a 53,000 GPD triple effect heat recovery evaporator unit, custom-built for the Aleutian Speedwell. This ship was converted to a fish processor.
Seawater reverse osmosis desalination unit.

Most evaporators operate under a vacuum resulting in water boiling typically at 150°F or less, thereby minimising scaling and the need for cleaning and maintenance. This feature is further enhanced with our patented internal flushing / thermal circulating design. The unique thermal design gives good water production over varied engine loads, temperature fluctuations and varying sea water temperatures.

The upfront capital costs are in line with other watermaker technologies. And with a service life of 30-35 years and low operating costs, a Maxim evaporator ensures an excellent return on your investment.

Waste heat recovery evaporator units

Maxim offers five standard models as part of its HJ Series. These units offer water production capacities of 192 gallons per day up to 3,000 gallons per day. Our TCF Series also offers five standard models with water production capacities of 3,700 gallons per day up to 15,000 gallons per day.

Standard units are completely packaged with all components mounted, piped and wired for immediate installation and hook-up. No field assembly is required.

The HJ Series units are ideal for pleasure boats, small work boats, yachts, tug boats, fishing boats, survey vessels, offshore production platforms, military vessels, offshore drilling platforms, and many other applications. The TCF Series units are ideal for larger cruisers, tugs, fishing boats, survey vessels, and offshore production platforms.

Seawater reverse osmosis desalination systems

Maxim offers a line of seawater reverse osmosis desalination systems, the Sterling Series. The Sterling Series offers water production capacities from 1,000 gallons per day to 6,000 gallons per day. Custom sizes are available.

A 1µ sediment filter is standard however additional pretreatment options are available as the source feed water requires. Standard features include a 2205 duplex stainless-steel ultra-quiet Danfoss pump, high rejection 4in seawater membranes, and an energy efficient design. Vertical and horizontal configurations are available.

Maxim’s seawater RO system offers clients quality and reliability, a competitive price point, and timely delivery.

Cleaning solutions product line for thermal distillation units

Maxim offers a line of cleaning solutions for heat recovery evaporators: a scale preventative, a scale remover, and a corrosion inhibitor.

MAX-Defense is a dispersant used to prevent scale formation and fouling and is designed to be used in the chemical feed system. It is non-hazardous and environmentally compatible. It is NSF-approved under ANSI Standard 60 for drinking water applications.

MAX-Descaler is designed to dissolve scale. It is a non-hazardous, low pH cleaning agent.

MAX-Control is a liquid inhibitor used to prevent corrosion that can occur as a result of acid cleanings. It is designed for use on mild steel, stainless-steel and copper or brass. It is non-hazardous.

Custom-engineered desalination systems

Every client and application is unique. We realise that ‘standard’ doesn’t work for every client or application. Custom-engineered units are available upon request.

Environmentally friendly, turnkey solutions

Part of our legacy is our ability to provide turnkey solutions to clients globally. In addition to providing consultation services along with equipment packages, we can also provide solutions to create a plan that will address your clean water needs in the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly way.

Maxim looks forward to the opportunity to present you with a detailed plan on how we can meet your fresh water needs, for any application. Please use the form below to send your business inquiry.

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