Company officials announced today that Maxim has launched a new line of cleaning solutions for heat recovery evaporators. The new product line offers clients three cleaning solutions, all of which are non-hazardous:

  • MAX-Defense (a scale preventative)
  • MAX-Descaler (a scale remover)
  • MAX-Control (a corrosion inhibitor)

Maxim president Brian Hebert said: "Maxim is excited to further expand the product lines we are able to offer our clients; modern formulations ideal for thermal distillation units. The addition of these cleaning solutions enables Maxim to provide customers another tool to optimise the performance of their heat recovery evaporators."

Maxim continues to specialise in the design and manufacturing of waste heat recovery evaporators. Models are available with capacities from 192 up to 15,000 gallons per day. Larger capacity units can be custom engineered to meet your unique needs.