Opus has recently concluded a contract with a leading European engineering company to provide a detailed performance evaluation of a specialist ceramic membrane technology.

Pell Frischmann Process Technology previously carried out field trials at a UK oilfield site, with the support of the UK Department of Trade and Industry. They subsequently approached Opus for further field demonstration trials because of Opus’s capability at Flotta to provide a wide range of produced water types for testing.

The project saw a team of engineers from Opus provide the test conditions and expertise required to conduct a rigorous performance evaluation of a ceramic membrane skid unit. The review was commissioned to determine the equipment’s full operating envelope, through obtaining data on its optimum operating conditions and expected lifespan.

As agreed at the outset of the contract, the team assessed the performance of the unit through measurement of feed and outlet oil concentrations, oil droplet size, solids concentration and size, pressure, temperature and flowrates.

The large scale membrane skid was transported directly from the Pell Frischmann’s pilot-plant facility in the midlands to Opus’ Flotta base to conduct the evaluation on-site. Upon completion of the contract, Opus provided Pell Frischmann with a comprehensive and objective data report that is now being used to inform the company’s strategy as to how best utilise the technology as part of a new service to the oil and gas industry.

Opus’ senior project engineer, Mark Seator, said: “We were delighted to undertake this project for Pell Frischmann. As with other recent projects we have carried out, this contract demonstrates our ability to offer specialist expertise and calibrated near field produced water conditions for those looking to introduce new technology into the oil and gas market.”

A director of Pell Frischmann Process Technology commented that they were impressed by Opus’s expertise and facilities, and by the professionalism and helpfulness of Opus’s staff, which greatly assisted Pell Frischmann in successfully completing the project.