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Steatite is a subsidiary of Solid State, divided into product divisions that offer complementary products and systems including industrial computers, batteries, components, embedded solutions, microwave antennae solutions and a full range of rugged notebook computers and personal digital assistants (PDAs). The Steatite product divisions are as follows:

  • Steatite Wordsworth
  • Steatite Rugged Systems
  • Steatite Batteries
  • Steatite Q-Par Antennas
  • Steatite Mobile Systems

Steatite has specialist industry skills in oil and gas, oceanography, satellite systems, telecommunications, medical, government, security and defence applications. Dedicated in-house teams are capable of designing and manufacturing advanced solutions of the highest quality tailored to our customers’ applications and needs. Based in Redditch, Worcestershire, UK, the company employs over 90 people.

portable power equipment

Steatite designs and builds battery packs to perform in some of the world’s harshest and most dangerous environments. Following the acquisition of RZ Pressure Instruments in 2007, Steatite has established itself as the premier European supplier of battery power solutions for the energy market. It is regarded by service companies and equipment manufacturers as the largest proven supplier of battery packs for the EMEA region.

Steatite is an expert in providing the following battery technology:

  • Lithium battery pack solutions for downhole drilling
  • Custom-engineered battery packs and portable power solutions
  • BAT downhole battery packs for Sondex logging tools

Steatite provides lithium battery packs that deliver dependable power on demand, with extremely high peak performance. Major oil services companies and manufacturers rely on Steatite to recommend the right batteries and portable power solutions.

Steatite also offers a wide range of specialised high-temperature battery packs designed specifically for downhole tools used in the petrochemical and offshore industries. Its battery packs are suitable for use with industry-standard downhole and surface electronics tools and gauges, including:

  • Alpine Tools
  • GRC Tools
  • Canada Tech Tools
  • Kuster Company
  • Nan Gall Tools
  • Panex Tools
  • ATA Scientific
  • Sentergy and Probe Tools
  • Sondex Wireline
  • Spartek Memory Tools

Lithium battery packs and subsea exploration batteries

The increasing prevalence of remotely operated equipment and wireless technology has resulted in a demand for greater battery power and energy density. Steatite provides:

  • Safe and reliable battery solutions for exploration and critical monitoring
  • Custom design and assembly
  • A safe worldwide supply chain partner

Battery chemistry is a critical influence on the performance and runtime of a piece of equipment. Alkaline or Ni-MH chemistries will be suitable in some cases, but lithium is essential when space, equipment recovery cost and runtime are important.

Steatite lithium batteries are used with success in a wide range of oceanographic applications, including autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs), pipeline inspection (pigging), seismic surveying, acoustic profilers, sonar devices, oceanographic buoys, sensing devices, GPS systems and memory storage.

Correctly designed and tested lithium battery packs can be safely shipped around the world by air, land and sea. Steatite handles all aspects of the shipping and supply chain management.

Rugged ATEX-certified mobile computers

Steatite Rugged Systems offers laptops, tablets and handheld devices that fully conform to the ATEX Directive. Steatite can advise your organisation on the correct deployment of these devices in controlled areas.

Products include:

  • GetacZ710-Ex, the world’s first ATEX-certified, fully rugged 7in Android tablet
  • GetacPS336-Ex, a 3.5in fully rugged IP68 versatile handheld with ATEX certification
  • GetacV100-Ex2, a 10.4in fully rugged convertible laptop with dual notebook/ tablet mode and ATEX certification
  • Xplore IX104C5, a 10.4in rugged tablet with ATEX certification
  • Armor X10gx, a 10.4in rugged tablet with ATEX certification
  • Getac PS236-Ex, a 3.5in fully rugged IP67 versatile handheld with ATEX certification

The rugged ATEX-certified mobile computers in this range are ideally suited to inspection, emergency notification and maintenance applications where performance and reliability are critical in hazardous and extreme operating environments.

Steatite can offer custom Windows-embedded operating systems to speed start up. Mobile electronic forms and risk-assessment forms ease the move from paper documentation and assist in the collection of data remotely.

Small-form-factor computers for field service and fleet management

Steatite Rugged Systems also supplies a range of small-form-factor lightweight mobile computing products ideal for field service applications within the offshore and oil and gas sectors. These include:

  • ndura RUGGED® V-PC, a new all-in-one solution for vehicle tracking, navigation, video recording, asset management and mobile warehousing
  • Algiz XRW, a 10.1in fully rugged, small-form-factor laptop
  • Durabook T7Q, a 7in fully rugged, lightweight tablet PC
  • XploreRangerX, a 10.1in fully rugged, thin android tablet PC
  • Hand and shoulder straps as well as desk and vehicle-mounted options

ATEX and UL-certified industrial computers

Steatite rugged Ethernet-enabled products integrate control, communication, management and video. They are used for power generation, transmission and distribution.

Products include:

  • ATEX-certified robust fanless embedded systems
  • UL1604-certified networking solutions
  • UL1604-certified hardened 10/100BASE-TX to 100BASE-FX media converters

Steatite: Company Overview

Steatite is divided into product divisions: Steatite Wordsworth, Steatite Rugged Systems, Steatite Batteries, Steatite Embedded and Steatite Q-Par Antennas, together offering a range of complementary products and systems that range from, industrial computer equipment, batteries, components, embedded solutions, microwave antennas and sub-systems as well as a full range of rugged notebook computers and PDAs.

MoU Signed Between Steatite and Taiwan Trade Centre

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed by Steatite Limited with the Taiwan Trade Centre, Taipei City Government, the Department of Economic Development and Taiwan Republic of China (ROC) in an enhanced collaboration bid.

Steatite Batteries Appoints New BDM

Due to company growth in the Steatite Batteries division and increasing demands for lithium battery packs, Steatite has appointed Jon Wells as business development manager.


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