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Safe Design of Custom Lithium Batteries

Lithium battery technology is often preferred for portable equipment intended for use in harsh environments. Lithium batteries also have a wide operating temperature range, particularly at low temperatures, and are known to have high tolerance of pressure, shock and vibration. The batteries are also sealed, which allows for use in any orientation and avoids the potential for accidental leakage
experienced with other battery types such as lead-acid.

High energy density is a major advantage lithium batteries' chemistry. This gives equipment designers greater freedom to optimise the overall size and weight while meeting or surpassing the target operating envelope. With their outstanding energy density, lithium batteries are currently the preferred rechargeable energy storage medium in hybrid and full-electric vehicles. This opens up a vast new application space for lithium batteries in demanding markets that will also force the technology to improve in aspects such as cost, performance, reliability and safety.

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