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Subsea Equipment, Products and Services

Mekjarvik 2,
4070 Randaberg,

Udeco subsea equipment

Udeco is an underwater design and equipment company that provides equipment, products and services relating to subsea oil field development and offshore wind farms.

Initially a subsea engineering company, the company currently focuses on subsea systems, equipment and products, as well as the development of new solutions.

It also undertakes fabrication, machining, assembly and testing projects relating to subsea equipment such as running tools, skids, tie-in spools and other.

Subsea equipment availability and applications

Udeco’s product range includes:

  • Ubas: multifunctional subsea remotely operated vehicle (ROV) basket system
  • Umat: subsea seabed mattress system
  • Ubag: subsea bag system
  • Ucap: subsea mud and debris cap system
  • Other subsea U-Systems and products

All products are available on a rental, and / or purchase basis, and are accompanied with datasheets, certification and outline handling, transport and user manual or procedure.

Udeco accommodates client-requested subsea product and equipment variation, adaptation, modification, interface requirements / combinations, fabrication and any dry or wet test, all inclusive of relevant documentation.

The company continuously develops new, improved, versatile / flexible, combinable, different and / or cost-efficient subsea equipment, products and methods.

Multifunctional subsea ROV basket systems for deployment and installation applications

Udecos’s Ubas range comprises high-quality subsea ROV baskets in a variety of sizes, and capacities. They are suitable for general purposes, and with or without compartments and lids.

The ROV baskets can be configured for a range of other services and application using bolt-on equipment, including deployment and installation of single or multiple electrical flying lead (EFL), optical flying lead (OFL) and hydraulic flying lead (HFL).

The baskets are also suitable for subsea test and / or commissioning manifolds, ROV tooling deployment and parking, diver use with hinged sides, hydraulic package with ROV panel mounting, subsea weight, ROV and multiple quick connection (MQC) parking panels and stands.

Subsea seabed mattress systems

Umat seabed mattresses are individually developed to suit a wide range of applications and / or conditions. They permit use on soft seabeds and are deployed without lift spreaders. Several models also enable ROV positioning on the seabed.

Umats are available in various sizes for applications such as landing support, temporary support, permanent support, extreme duty support, blanket, soft / separation / protection (SSP) use, and dredged area cover. Applications also include insulation, stabilisation, heavy-duty impact protection, and anchor lines crossing protection for flowlines and umbilical.

Multiple Umats can be connected by hinging, allowing several mats to be deployed in a single run, and to cover a larger seabed area.

Subsea bag systems for construction and support applications

The Ubag system is a high-strength, durable, subsea bag system available in a variety of geometries, sizes, weights, and configurations, which can be either installed individually or in combinations.

The system can be used for stabilisation, protection, construction, support and separation applications. The solution is also suitable for local insulation, levelling or levelling adjustment, rock dump stabilisation or side support, landing support, scour protection or prevention, including filter stone bags.

When combined with Umats, Ubags provide a low-cost, fast and easy installable flowline and umbilical crossing arrangement that is deployable in single subsea run using the Ubas Type G ROV Basket.

Subsea mud and debris cap systems for component protection

The Ucap system includes a range of soft, high-strength ROV, diver, surface-installable and / or removable subsea mud and debris caps in sizes ranging from 2in to 36in with lengths up to 7m.

They prevent ingress of sand, silt, mud and drill cuttings in hubs, connectors, termination heads, pull-in heads, collect fingers, electrical connectors and other items. The Ucap system protects equipment coating when landed on, and pulled along the seabed or in rock dumps.

The Ucap can also incorporate snag point and impact protection, as well as seabed suction prevention such as subsea dead man anchors (DMA) and or similar.

Other U-systems and products

Udeco provides a range of additional subsea products and systems, including:

  • Ufist: a low-cost engineered ‘monkey’ fist system that includes various equipment interface accessories
  • Ufloat: including a deep water subsea assembly installation and retrieval system, and a local subsea guide wire system
  • Ulift: various subsea lifting equipment accessories, including ROV shackles and 150t snatch block
  • Uzip: includes zip-on cable protectors, bend restrictor, insulation, deflectors, marking and piggyback cable attachments

Merakes Gas Field, East Kalimantan

The Merakes gas field lies in 1,500m of water in the East Sepinggan production sharing contract (PSC) offshore East Kalimantan in the Makassar Strait, Indonesia.

Beryl Gas Field

Beryl Gas Field is located in Block SK10 off the shore of Sarawak, Malaysia, near the Helang gas field and Layang oil field, which are located within the same block.

Tortue West Field Development

Tortue West gas field is located at a water depth of 2,850m in the Greater Tortue Complex, between the C8 block off the shore of Mauritania and the Saint-Louis Profond block off the shore of Senegal. It is being developed under the Greater Tortue Ahmeyim development project.

Bauge Field, North Sea

Bauge Field, formerly known as Snilehorn, is an oil field located in block 6407 / 8 of production license PL348 in the Norwegian North Sea.

West Katakolon Oil and Gas Field

West Katakolon oil and gas field straddles onshore acreage on the coast of Peloponnese, and shallow and deep water blocks in the Ionian Sea off the shore of Greece.