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New SNAP-COIL Safety Fitting for TOOLS AT HEIGHT



New SNAP-COIL Safety Fitting for TOOLS AT HEIGHT

As part of the Snap-on Industrial Continuous Improvement Program, we have introduced the new SNAP-COIL lanyard attachment fitting to enhance the functionality and safety of our TOOLS AT HEIGHT system.

Manufactured from chrome plated stainless steel especially for Snap-on Industrial, SNAP-COILS are fitted to wrenches, ratchets, punch holders and many other tools at our UK Industrial Service Centre.

Available in several sizes to suit various Snap-on tools and lanyards, SNAP-COILS are highly durable with superior flexibility and shock-absorbing qualities over welded fittings.

Important note – A SNAP-COIL is not designed to “breakaway” if the tool is snatched into moving machinery or trapped in steelwork when climbing. We have reviewed typical scenarios and consulted with safety and maintenance specialists.

The concensus is that any “breakaway” device must be 100% reliable in safeguarding the operative while still preventing a tool being dropped. Such a device must also be “upstream” of the tool and lanyard should either get snagged.

The current conclusion is that machinery in the work location must be shut down and isolated before tools are used. Prior to climbing, tools and their lanyards must be securely stowed in a TOOLS AT HEIGHT bag or pouch.


The Snap-on Industrial TOOLS AT HEIGHT system improves site safety and efficiency by preventing hand tools becoming dropped objects. It provides controlled storage of tools, their secure transportation to the workplace and retention devices that prevent them being dropped.

Used by drilling companies worldwide, TOOLS AT HEIGHT benefits many other industries where a dropped tool could harm personnel, damage machinery or cost time.

TOOLS AT HEIGHT kits, tools and accessories are only available from our UK Industrial Service Centre (ISC). To discuss options, request a quote or place an order, please contact:

t: +44 (0)1536 413 904
f: +44 (0)1536 414 778

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