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Through-Wall Penetration on a Fire Pump Caisson

Many companies can offer composite pipe repairs. However, to be a suitable composite pipe repair for a pipe that is under structural external loads, the quantification of these loads and their incorporation into a design is required to avoid failure. It is a little known fact that ISO/TS 24817 incorporates calculations to deal with such external structural loads. However, many repair suppliers avoid considering these important factors as they lack the engineering capacity to quantify loads in the design and also lack the high-performance material to mitigate them. IMG Composites has the engineering capability, along with the FEA software to model scenarios, to appropriately assess the loading scenario of an element. Market-leading CompoSol® composite technology can handle extreme repair situations. Caisson repair is not a simple task. Many factors must be taken into account when designing a repair for a caisson, which is as much a structural element as it is a pipe system due to hydrodynamic and axial loads.

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