Aberdeen-based IMG Composites has been offering high-quality composite repair solutions to the oil and gas industry for over a decade with the unique CompoSol® range.

As an integral member of a joint-industry working group, set up to standardise the composite repair of pressure pipe work, the internationally-recognised ISO/TS 24817, IMG Composites is often contacted by oil and gas operators from around the globe for sophisticated composite solutions.

Fibre-reinforced polymers

Asset integrity is a major problem in the oil and gas industry, where corrosive environments and a multitude of operational limitations present operators with constant challenges.

Professional and experienced, IMG Composites is capable of supporting operations in a variety of environments. Fibre-reinforced polymers, known commonly as composites, have long been utilised in high performance areas because of their efficient strength-to-weight ratio and resistance to degradation.

Our business is taking integrity problems off your desk and providing solutions.
Our high-quality CompoSol® repairs can be applied as a super-coating to new pipes.
CompoSol® Grab-Wrap is a temporary repair kit that can be applied by onsite personnel to provide temporary repairs to damaged and leaking pipes.
CompoSol® engineered pipe repairs renew the effective life of degraded pipes.

Composites offer a revolutionary opportunity to solve the problems associated with the corrosion of metallic materials by sealing the surface of the metal with a highly durable super-coating and, at the same time, reinforcing the degraded material in order to return it to its former strength. Often it is simply corrosion-related problems that cause expensive assets to be replaced or retired, however, with the advanced composite engineering capability of IMG Composites at hand it is possible to significantly extend the field life of aging assets.

Repair and reinforcement services

As a provider of repairs to safety critical systems, including repairs to through-wall holes in hydrocarbon lines, IMG Composites is audited to BS-EN-ISO 9001:2008 for the design and provision of composite repairs and reinforcements to various types of pipes, tanks, structures and flat surfaces, primarily (but not exclusively) to the offshore industries. IMG Composites is also audited to FPal-verified standard and independently audited by the Association of Composite Repair Suppliers (ACoReS).

As well as providing bespoke engineering and corrosion protection solutions, IMG Composites provide repairs to the following elements:

  • CompoSol® caisson
  • CompoSol® encap
  • CompoSol® GF liner
  • CompoSol® pipeline
  • CompoSol® pipework
  • CompoSol® structure
  • CompoSol® flat
  • CompoSol® subsea
  • Grab-Wrap repair kits
  • CompoSol® vessel
  • CompoSol® X-Protect

Our unique CompoSol® material is industry leading, and the paperwork support provided alongside our composite repairs enables operators to be sure the solution provided is a reliable one. In-house engineering design knowledge and finite element analysis allows IMG Composites to develop bespoke composite engineering solutions to asset integrity issues.

Advantages of CompoSol®

IMG Composites’ market leading CompoSol® material is so well performing that all manner of defects can be handled in pipes with design and operational pressures in excess of 250bar.

Maximum pressure retention depends on many inputs into the engineered design, however, with such a high energy release rate, if a repair is possible with composites then CompoSol® can handle it.

CompoSol® pipe repairs have the many advantages including:

  • No (or limited) site services required
  • Can be applied live
  • Controlled under the cold permit to work system
  • Minimal down time
  • Reduce carbon footprint

Contact us today to discuss how the team at IMG Composites can offer support to integrity assurance for your operations.