Project Top Tips – Oil and Gas

Acorn Coaching and Development Ltd has worked in project-related businesses for over 18 years, gathering cross-sector knowledge from nuclear to construction and infrastructure. Supplementing our knowledge with research, we have summarised the key issues occurring within major projects, offering possible solutions. The findings are as applicable to oil and gas, development or decommissioning as any major project with multiple partners facing commercial and technical challenges.

Creating clarity and commonality of purpose

A project team can lose, or fail to establish, its common identity and unified focus of action. Consequently, people work to their own company agenda or narrow technical focus; particularly damaging in long-duration, complex projects made up of alliances or consortia.

It is critical to establish a clear unifying project vision. Investing time with key stakeholders to determine commonality of purpose, expectation and clearly defined goals which can then be articulated to all groups, revisited and reviewed to 'refresh' engagement at key stages of the project and in particular as new staff join. The project goal should never be overtaken by the drivers of a single parent company. This must be demonstrated by senior managers, supported by stakeholders, acting for the benefit of the project.

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