GlobalData research has found the top influencers in oil trading based on their performance and engagement online. Using research from GlobalData’s Influencer platform, Offshore Technology has named ten of the most influential people and companies in oil trading on Twitter during Q3 2020.

Biggest influencers in oil trading: The top ten in Q3 2020

1. Giovanni Staunovo (@staunovo)

Giovanni Staunovo is a commodity analyst at UBS Wealth Management, a financial investment firm. He has vast experience as a foreign exchange strategist for G10 countries and is an expert in the banking domain.

Staunovo has also served as foreign exchange strategist within UBS’ wealth management research in Zurich and Asia. He has conducted extensive research and has a proven track record in the money and financial markets sectors.

Twitter followers: 30,323

GlobalData influencer score: 100

 2. Gareth Fuller (@OilPriceHourly)

Gareth Fuller is an oil industry expert who built OilPriceAPI, an application price interface that gives both live and historical data on oil prices. He also oversees the twitter page Oil Price Hourly, which provides hourly updates on worldwide prices of oil.

Fuller has previous worked as a subsea industry expert, who participated in offshore projects in South America and Europe. He has penchant for building web applications, which has helped him migrate across different careers including recruiting and financial products development.

Twitter followers: 9,500

GlobalData influencer score: 66

3. Anas Alhajji (@anasalhajji)

Anas Alhajji is an energy economist with extensive experience in the oil and gas, finance and equity sectors. He is currently working as the managing partner at Energy Outlook Advisors. He advises governments, companies, and investors on issues related to the energy markets.

Alhajji is a renowned speaker and author of research papers and articles with a focus on oil and gas markets, energy security and energy taxation. He has previously served as chief economist at NGP Energy Capital Management, a private equity firm.

Twitter followers: 66,912

GlobalData influencer score: 64

4. Ole S Hansen (@Ole_S_Hansen)

Ole S Hansen is the head of commodity strategy at Saxo Bank, an investment bank, in Denmark. He specialises in formulating strategies, and analysing global commodity markets.

He writes for Saxo Bank’s Weekly Commodity Update, which focuses on commodities and provides clients with trade views on commodities. He also contributes for various print and electronic media houses including Reuters, CNBC, Wall Street Journal, The Telegraph and The Financial Times.

Twitter followers: 32,847

GlobalData influencer score: 54

5. David Sheppard (@OilSheppard)

David Sheppard is the energy editor responsible for covering the energy and environmental market at Financial Times. He predominantly reports on energy transition, oil and gas markets, OPEC and trading houses that control the natural resources of the world.

Sheppard previously worked as deputy commodities editor at the Financial Times and as senior reporter at Reuters.

Twitter followers: 29,521

GlobalData influencer score: 53

6. Tracy Shuchart (@chigrl)

Tracy Shuchart is an independent energy consultant who specialises in crude oil, metals, indices, geopolitics and international relations. She kickstarted her career in the finance industry at the Chicago Board of Trade, where she worked as a managed futures consultant.

Shuchart has also worked with  international banks including Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase as well as hedge funds in energy foreign exchange futures, bonds and agriculture markets.

Twitter followers: 129,458

GlobalData influencer score: 53

 7. Anjli Raval (@AnjliRaval)

Anjli Raval is the senior correspondent for energy at Financial Times reporting on OPEC, NOC, oil and gas firms and global energy transition. She was previously covering US consumer sector including real estate and retail from New York.

Raval has worked out of top global cities on companies, markets and analysis teams. She is also a writer who contributes for Energy Source and beyondbrics blogs.

Twitter followers: 26,873

GlobalData influencer score: 50

8. Brynne Kelly (@BrynneKKelly)

Brynne Kelly is the director of research at Cornerstone Futures, a global energy markets brokerage firm. She is an expert in the energy markets sector with extensive experience acquired while serving various positions at top companies including Millennium Partners, BP and Sempra Energy.

Kelly specialises in the electricity, natural gas and crude oil domains and has a keen interest in developing utility business models.

Twitter followers: 21,756

GlobalData influencer score: 49

9. Patrick Rooney (@patrickrooney)

Patrick Rooney is a product marketing manager at Trading Technologies, a firm that develops technology to support electronic trading. He is a publisher, commenter and debater who also has vast background in the finance domain.

Rooney has deep knowledge of product detail and customer requirements, which he leverages to develop the best execution tools in trading. He also develops content for various social media platforms and marketing campaigns.

Twitter followers: 9,593

GlobalData influencer score: 47

10. Ellen R. Wald (@EnergzdEconomy)

Ellen R. Wald is the president of Trasversal Consulting, a consultancy providing expertise and solutions on the global energy market. She is also a columnist specialising in the geopolitics and energy markets domains. Her work has been published in leading web magazines including Forbes online and

Wald is also a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council Global Energy Center, an organisation promoting energy security.

Twitter followers: 16,153

GlobalData influencer score: 47