Concrete, Dry Cement, Sand Blast and Dredging Hoses

Zebung’s robust line of concrete and cement hoses are specially designed units optimised to convey thick, abrasive mixtures such as plaster and wet cement at pressures of up to 800psi.

concrete hose

Concrete Hose

  • Application: These high-pressure hoses systems are capable for pumping of concrete, plaster or grout mixture. Their all-purpose covering provides excellent flexibility and wear-resistance, making them ideal for use with abrasive slurries
  • Tube: Black wear-resisting synthetic rubber
  • Working Pressure: 30bar-85bar
  • Reinforcement: Spiral-plied, high-strength polyester tire cord with helix steel wire
  • Cover: Black NR SBR rubber (wrapped impression)
  • Temperature: -32°C to 82°C (-25°F to 180°F)

Dry Cement Hose

  • Application: Discharge of dry cement mixtures
  • Temperature: -20°C to 80°C
  • Inner rubber: Specialised rubber compound for durability of abrasion
  • Reinforcement: High-tensile textile cord with helix steel wire
  • Colour: Black as standard, other colours available on request
sand blast hose

Sand Blast Hose

  • Application: Transporting quartz metal sand, polishing, ridding rust on metal surface or spraying of cement compounds
  • Characteristics: High-tensile wear, weather, ozone and ageing resistant
  • Structure: Anti-static electricity with copper wire
  • Temperature Range: -20°C to 80°C
  • Inner layer: NR, SBR, BR
  • Reinforcement layer: Nylon thread (bind or braided)
  • Outer layer: SBR

Train Brake Hose

Our train brake hose systems are intended for application with train car systems and other rail environments.

  • Application: Compressed air, oil resistance
  • Inner diameter (ID): 36mm
  • Outer diameter (OD): 53mm
  • Length: 565mm
  • Internal rubber layer: NBR
  • Reinforcement layer (frame work layer): Tire cord
  • External rubber layer: CR
  • Application: compressed air, oil resistance
  • Working Temperature: 30°C to 80°C

Dredging Hose

  • Application: These steel flange discharge hoses are used with dredgers for silt, gravels, port, dock, seawater, sand conveyance and discharging flood etc
  • Characteristics: Flexible, anti-wave, wear, weather, ageing and seawater resistant
  • Temperature: -30°C to 80°C
  • Guarantee period: Six months minimum
  • Internal rubber layer: NR, SBR, BR
  • Reinforcement layer: high-tensile textile braided or tire cord or steel wire spiral
  • External rubber layer: SBR and CR blend
  • Working pressure: 10bar-25bar
ID (mm) ID (inch) Working Pressure (bar) Burst Pressure (bar) Length(m) Wall Thickness (m)
304 12 4-12 36 1-3 35-37
400 16 4-12 36 1-3 35-37
560 22 4-12 36 2-3 40-45
600 24 4-12 36 2-3 40-45
700 28 8-15 45 2-3 40-45
800 32 12-25 55 2-3 50-52
900 36 15-25 75 2-3 55-58
1,000 40 20-25 75 3-5 75

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