Rubber Suction Hoses for Oil and Petroleum Products

oil hose

We are pleased to offer an expansive array of innovative hose units for the transportation of petroleum products, including our cutting-edge suction and delivery systems that have been specially devloped for the transfer of matter from industrial barges and storage trucks.

Diesel, Gasoline and Petrol Hose

Zebung’s extensive catalogue of diesel, gasoline and petrol hoses is designed to aid the conveyance of liquid fuels in a versatile range of industrial applications.

Our systems are widely used in fuel, oil system, and oil refinery facilities.

  • Application: Transportation of gasoline, coal oil, diesel, lubricating oil, and other mineral oil
  • Working temperature: -20°C to 120°C
  • Characteristics: oil, aging, ozone and weather resistant, anti-friction design
  • Guarantee period: Three months
  • Internal rubber layer: NBR
  • Reinforcement layer: High-tensile textile braided or tire cord
  • External rubber layer: CR and NBR blend
  • Working pressure: 5bar-20 bar
  • Electricity conduction: Acetylene carbon black or brass wires

Oil Suction and Delivery Dock Hose

Zebung’s flexible, high-pressure resistant suction and discharge hoses possess an advanced, 50% aromatic-resistant lining enhanced for application with crude oil and related products.

In addition to featuring a smooth inner wall surface designed to minimise friction, these OCIMF-certified units conduct electricity and have been optimised for easy installation.

  • Application: Ocean, docks and ship based delivery the crude oil and other petrol products
  • Characteristics: Oil, abrasion, aging, UV, weather and ozone resistant
  • Inner rubber: SBR
  • Outside rubber: CR and Cob blend
  • Reinforcement: Muti-polyester thread layers, spiral high-tensile, low-carbon good bending property steel
  • Working Pressure: 5bar-20bar

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