LEWA ecoflow is the most advanced process diaphragm pump in the world for high-pressure process technology, offering maximum safety for production and the environment. The perfect solution can be configured from a wide variety of standardized assemblies. LEWA combines various pump heads and drive units in variable segment construction, in series and boxer design.

  • Maximum flow rate 19m³/hr per pump head
  • Maximum discharge pressure 1,200bar


  • Durable and long-lasting drive units for use under the most adverse of conditions
  • Adjustment of the flow rate via the proven variable eccentric principle
  • Unique suction lift capability (absolute pump pressure up to 0.1 bar abs is possible)
  • Absolutely reliable start-up of the pumps from any operating state
  • Hermetically tight
  • Lowest possible lifetime costs due to high energy efficiency, low maintenance costs and extremely long service life
  • Suitable for nearly any liquid, even for hazardous, flammable, toxic, abrasive, viscous, polluting fluids
  • Patented sandwich diaphragm with DPS Diaphragm Protection System and diaphragm monitoring
  • Integrated pressure relief valve
  • Maximum reliability and availability even after operating errors or upset conditions (e.g. high suction pressure, blocked discharge or suction line)
  • Compliance with globally valid standards such as VDMA 24284, 24286-10, API 675