Hammerhead T Bolt

Brooks Forgings Ltd manufactures and supplies Hammerhead T Bolts to DIN 7992, DIN 261, DIN 188 and DIN 186. Sizes up to M100. Forged, Machined and Roll Threaded on-site in the UK.

When used in conjunction with pre-fabricated tube assemblies the Hammerhead T Bolt becomes a removable and reusable foundation solution. With the tube assembly cast into concrete the bolt can be simply inserted and twisted through 90° locking it into the specially fabricated base plate. In case of application error, commonly position or location issues, the low cost tube assembly can be discarded and the bolt removed for re-use during correct installation.

Brooks Forgings is approved to Lloyds BS EN 9001, BS EN 14001 and OHSAS 18001. FPAL Registered.