MAXON 8000 valves

MAXON 8000 shut-off valves are pneumatically actuated valves with a powerful closing spring and a large top-mounted 360° open-shut visual position indicator. The Series 8000 shut-off valve can be ordered with a wide range of internal trim options to handle general purpose or corrosive gases and comes in a compact, space-saving design. The Series 8000 provides simple installation and low maintenance for trouble-free, long-term uninterruped operation.

The 8000 shut-off valve is a compact valve which is very rigidly designed. Global approvals for safety shut off (CE, FM, CSA), for use in hazardous areas (ATEX Zone 2/22).

The Series 8000 Valve can be coupled with MAXON’s PSCheck Partial Stroke Testing technology to ensure maximum uptime without sacrificing safety. The PSCheck technology, when combined with the Series 8000 shut-off valve, provides the highest level of safety security that can be SIL 3 certified. The PSCheck was designed to minimize probability of failure on demand by automatically testing valve function without process flow interruption or line shutdown.