Collaborative digital procurement

Collaborative digital procurement solution is offered by Optimized Plant Construction solution. It is intimately integrated as well with plant breakdown structure and as with work breakdown structure (work-package split of actual project management). All related and required information helping procurement people for efficient, precise and timely procurement is integrated in a procurement execution environment. By enabling requisition line items to directly link tasks (contractors) or items of bill of equipment or bill of quantities (material & equipment suppliers), it avoids duplication of information.

While accessing relevant documents enabling to understand the work to do, contractor and suppliers answer on-line to quotations. Procurement decisions are eased by requisitioning status dashboard. Procurement delivers access to awarded supplier or contractor to its on-line work-package information after selecting the better answer. He will be managed within the global capital project.

Attributes / key data:

  • Dashboard of requisitioning status
  • Vendors have all the time-valid applicable documents
  • All related information logged in negotiating / correspondence track
  • Proposal evaluation report in template: linked to progress monitoring
  • Integrated with vendor document management