Virtual training

Precise and efficient execution of complex tasks is required in order to operate a plant. In order to ensure efficient and safe task execution, a support system must be in place for handling information and human resources. This includes training development, defining and validating best practices for producing work instructions, and emergency situation handling.

Engineers can incorporate safety rules and environmental protection requirements since plant operations are defined and optimized in design phases in Dassault Systèmes fully integrated PLM system.

Human modeling and simulation capabilities which include vision and motion studies as well as studies of remotely operated devices is provided by Virtual Training. Sequences are optimized for safety, costs and time by including operation process planning early in the design process. 3D work instructions can be easily generated with our solution. It reduces ambiguity to the workers, as well as time needed to perform the tasks.

Attributes / key data:

  • Plant operations definition and optimization
  • Simulation of operation
  • Virtual training in 3D for worker
  • Simulation of safety procedure
  • Management