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Pipeline Networks and Flow Assurance

Maximus Datasheet FloWax Datasheet

Proven on a wide range of the most complex upstream oil and gas systems in the world, our pipeline networks and flow assurance software offers high-powered functionality and ease of use that improves speed, reliability and cost-effectiveness of any flow assurance or production forecasting study.

Combining the functionality of petroleum engineering software with the detail of process/flow assurance engineering tools, Maximus provides steady state, thermal hydraulic network model that can be used as both as a production forecaster and a flow assurance tool. Dozens of projects around the world, from one well tiebacks to multi-billion dollar LNG systems are benefiting from using Maximus.

Maximus and FloWax offer great functionality and ease of use to improve the workflow of flow assurance and production forecasting. They make integration with other engineering disciplines and quality assurance easier than ever before and both Maximus and FloWax integrate fully with our thermodynamics and process simulation solutions.

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