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Pleatflow (TH) Cartridges

PLEATFLOW,Oil and Gas Drilling


Contaminants in well injection fluids can lead to formation blockage and ultimately decrease the productivity. Pleatflow (TH) cartridges will reliably and effectively resolve these issues.

The high-performance Pleatflow cartridge is specifically manufactured for filtration of oilfield fluids. Its fully thermally welded construction ensures safe operation and optimum filtration performance. The rigid exterior cage makes it ideal for harsh oilfield environments.

The cartridge has a triple-layer construction; glass fiber between polyester filter layers for maximum removal performance, strength and stability. It is available in a wide range of microns suitable for the protecting oilfield formations. Pleatflow cartridges are Beta 5000 rated with efficiency levels of 99.98%.

The Pleatflow can be used in a wide range of applications:

  • Completion, workover, stimulation and gravel pack fluids
  • Wastewater
  • Diesel / fuel / oil
  • Surface water intake
  • Polishing brines
  • Process water
  • Pre-filtration RO
  • Acids

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