AQUASIGN offer a range of underwater adhesives that have a proven track record for long-term use in a marine environment.

Traditionally a fixing solution with Aquasign® subsea markers, all our adhesives are third-party tested to verify high-mechanical performance, and excellent heat and chemical-resistance.

Biohesive® 225 – RTV silicone adhesive

Biohesive® 225 is a high-performance silicone RTV adhesive designed for seawater-resistant bonding. It is a rapid curing adhesive, skinning within a few minutes and curing in 4h, depending on the ambient conditions.

One of the major advantages offered by Biohesive® 225 is that it can be used in geographical locations with high temperatures (less than 30°C / 85°F) and humidity (75% and over) without causing significant performance issues. Biohesive® provides adhesion in a wide temperature range (from -65°C to 300°C) and has excellent resistance to natural ageing, which can be caused by UV weathering, salt mist etc.

Aquahesive™ 5836 – Polyurethane Adhesive

Aquahesive™ 5836 is a high-performance polyurethane adhesive designed for structural adhesive bonding. It has a pot-life between 30min and 45min and cures overnight, depending on the ambient conditions.

Aquahesive™ 5836 is a two-component subsea glue, supplied with the curative in a ready to mix form in disposable containers. Once mixed, it has a long pot-life, making it ideal for bonding larger or multiple components in a short period of time.

Aquahesive™ 5836 has been tested and found to provide good adhesive strength to epoxy-coated steel, and to give excellent seawater-resistance in ageing trials. The temperate range of AquahesiveTM is -40°C to 150°C.

Further information on our Subsea Adhesives is available from our client portal, including downloadable datasheets and testing reports.