Sivand and Esfand Fields Development, Persian Gulf, Iran
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Sivand and Esfand Fields Development, Persian Gulf, Iran

The development of Sivand and Esfand fields is aimed at increasing the crude oil production capacity of three fields.

Project Type

Oil fields development


Siri Operational District, Persian Gulf


Iranian Offshore Oil Company (IOOC)

Increased Oil Output



The Sivand and Esfand oil fields development project will increase the combined production from the Sivand, Esfand, and Dena offshore oil fields by 16,000 barrels per day (bpd).

Sivand and Esfand are located approximately 50km west and 18km southeast of Sirri Island, respectively in Persian Gulf waters, while Dena is also located within the Sirri Island district.

The project is operated by Iranian Offshore Oil Company (IOOC), a subsidiary of National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC), an exploration and production company owned by the Iranian government. IOOC signed a €105m ($119m) contract with PetroIran Development Company (PEDCO) for the maintenance and enhancement of production from the three oil fields in October 2018.

The oil production capacity of the Esfand field is approximately 60,000bpd of crude oil by water injection. The SIE-E1P6 production well of the Esfand field came online with a crude oil production capacity of approximately 2,000bpd in April 2021. The development of the first well, SICE6, at the Sivand field was completed in June 2020 and it became operational in July 2021.

Sivand and Esfand fields development details

The Sivand field has 18 wells while the Dena field has 24 wells. The Esfand field includes three well platforms, a production platform, and one flare with 29 production and injection wells.

The project will include the drilling, repairing, completion, and testing of 12 wells of the Sivand and Esfand oil fields and one well at the Dena field. Four new wells will be drilled and six wells will be re-drilled, while three wells will be repaired under the project.

The crude oil produced from the new fields will be gathered by Nasr production platforms at the Dena field before being transferred to Sirri Island for processing and storage via a 33km-long and 16in-diameter pipeline.

The Nasr multi-platform complex is located approximately 130km northwest of Abu Dhabi, UAE. The current oil production capacity of the complex is 22,000bpd, which is expected to increase up to 65,000bpd.

The development of the oil fields also includes the reconstruction and enhancement of the water injection capabilities, as well as the optimisation of an onshore processing facility.

Nasr 5 platform details

The Nasr 5 satellite platform at the Sivand field produces oil from the SICE6, SICF7-SICF6, SICE10 and E1P6 wells.

The unconventional dimensions of the Nasr 5 platform and the seabed’s instability at the location provide unique conditions, which limit the developmental activities at the Sivand field. The existing power cables and other pipelines connected to the platform further made the deployment of conventional drilling rigs at the field near to impossible over the past years.

Drilling Company International (DCI), a subsidiary of PetroIran, studied the technical risks and economic feasibility to analyse the site. It also conducted a simulation of the existing drilling rigs and evaluated their dimensions.

DCI installed the DCI-1 drilling rig at Ilam 1 platform as part of the Sivand and Esfand fields development project in May 2020.

Other oil field development projects of NIOC

NIOC, through its subsidiaries, signed nine contracts with seven domestic companies to maintain and enhance the crude oil recovery from the Iranian oil fields in May 2019. The agreements are part of 33 enhanced recovery projects that are planned to be developed with an investment of $6bn over three years.

The projects will be implemented at 29 onshore and four offshore locations in Khuzestan, Bushehr, Hormuzgan, Fars, Ilam, Kermanshah and Kohguiluyeh Boyer Ahmad provinces.

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