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Optical Flame Detection, Combustible and Toxic Gas Detection, and Safety Systems

Detector Electronics Corporation is the world leader in optical flame and combustible and toxic gas detection systems, with premier products setting the standard in our industry. In addition to manufacturing equipment, we also offer complete turnkey solutions for fire and gas detection and suppression/mitigation systems and ESD solutions.

When it comes to safety, Det-Tronics has a 30-year legacy of protecting high hazard applications including offshore oil platforms to thousands of miles of gas pipelines, the space shuttle, and token booths in New York City's subway system.

Optical flame detectors and gas detectors

Det-Tronics is unique in manufacturing both flame and gas detectors in-house, thereby controlling specifications to exacting requirements.

Our optical flame detectors offer true optical integrity combined with the highest false alarm rejection rate. Our wide range of gas detection products meet your needs for detecting combustible and toxic gases in any application.

Det-Tronics integrated flame and gas suppression systems range from conventional, addressable and custom combination systems to state-of-the-art, highly fault tolerant and configurable detection and releasing systems.

The Eagle Quantum Premier fire and gas detection / safety system

Serving multiple roles in the monitoring and protection of hazardous areas, the EQP addressable system integrates fire and gas detection and extinguishing agent release on a fault tolerant digital communications network.

The Det-Tronics Eagle Quantum Premier (EQP) system is a configurable, distributed, intelligent safety system that is flexible enough to provide flame and/or gas detection with alarm signaling, notification, extinguishing agent release, and/or deluge operation.

System components are integrated on a reliable, fault-tolerant digital communication network. Ideally suited for harsh industrial applications, the system has hazardous location ratings and great functionality with features that include:

  • Device calibration data and event logging
  • Programmable logic
  • Editable logic diagrams resident in the controller
  • Optional controller operation redundancy
  • Extensive advanced diagnostics
  • Safety system solutions (S3) software

In addition, the system has the following certifications and approvals:

  • FM certified to ANSI/NFPA 72 and ANSI/NFPA 33
  • FM certified to combustible and low-concentration ppm gas detection
  • Multiple hazardous locations certifications
  • TüV/exida certified SIL-2
  • US Coast Guard type approval
  • Lloyds Register of Shipping type approval

Nanotechnology metal oxide semiconductor H2S gas sensor

The Det-Tronics nanotechnology metal oxide semiconductor (NTMOS) H2S stand-alone gas sensor delivers an ideal detection solution in challenging environments where electrochemical sensing technologies are not preferred. It uses the latest nanotechnology (NT) to ensure the highest performance and reliability.

The NTMOS H2S gas sensor is fast – it detects H2S in under 5s, which is six times faster than the ISA standard – and has been third-party performance tested and approved to ISA-92.0.01. It offers long-term stability in extreme temperatures, and its onboard humidity sensor provides improved accuracy and repeatability.

The Det-Tronics NTMOS H2S gas sensor is approved as a stand-alone sensor (4mA-20mA), but it can easily be integrated with an additional transmitter, controller, or GDTB termination box. For applications where a local display of detected H2S gas level is required, the FlexVu? UD10 Universal Display is recommended.

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NTMOS H2S Gas Sensor

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