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High temperatures, low pressures: Thermal fluid heaters for the food industry

Thermal fluid heaters play an important role in the food industry, providing heat that is vital for processes such as maintaining the temperature of oils and certain foods, as well as hot water for cleaning.

Choosing the right industrial process heater

There are a number of factors that need to be taken into consideration when buying an industrial process heater.

Understanding thermofluid heaters for the asphalt industry

Thermal fluid heaters are the go-to industrial equipment systems for generating heat (without exerting pressure) for a number of processes, including asphalt refinement.

Thermal fluid heaters for the pharmaceutical industry

Thermal fluid heaters indirectly target a system’s thermal liquid to transfer heat energy to the end target. Glycol, thermal oil or water are commonly used heat mediums and are heated and circulated to heat energy users inside a closed-loop structure.

Convection heaters in the oil and gas industry

A convection or direct fired heater consists of a burner which provides hot gases to transfer heat energy to the gas or process liquid that flows through the machine’s interior coils.

The importance of water bath heaters in the oil and gas industry

Water bath heaters (WBH) provide a well-established method for heating oil and gas and are known within the industry for their successful application across a range of operations.

The benefits of thermal fluid heaters in the oil and gas industry

The smooth, efficient running of any plant relies upon an effective thermal fluid heater. Using indirect methods, thermal fluid heaters target the system’s thermal liquid.