Videotec is proud to announce that is has released a ‘robust and smart’ video analysis technology, integrated into ULISSE EVO cameras, that offers an end-to-end solution for preventative detection of intrusions in outdoor monitoring applications of critical infrastructures, industrial sites and perimeters.

Videotec Analytics is the result of more than ten years of research and design, carried out by a team of R&D professionals, cooperating together with prestigious international universities and research centres. This technology was designed to be extremely reliable and proactive and be simple to configure and easy to use.

The ULISSE EVO camera with Videotec Analysis technology comprises robust algorithms for accurate PTZ detection and precise and smooth auto-tracking, even in the most adverse external environmental conditions. The operator will have complete situational awareness no matter the circumstances.

A simple initial configuration will allow ULISSE EVO to detect an object or person present in a sensitive area. Depending on the rules set by the user, an alarm is displayed and auto-tracking activated if an object enters, exits, or appears or stops more than allowed in an area.

The detection algorithm is extremely reliable even in rain, snow, where the camera is affected by vibrations, in low contrast or sudden light changes or shadows, and where small animals or insects are present.

The auto-tracking keeps the target at the centre of the frame through its very smooth pan and tilt action and zoom control. This happens even if the target moves and changes direction quickly or if the area being monitored is in unfavourable lighting conditions such as low contrast, obstructions or sudden light changes.

The metadata sent to the VMS system can be used to frame the target with a bounding box for clear identification of the subject or it can be used to activate alarms or begin recording. Depending on the rules set by the user, an alarm is displayed and auto-tracking activated if an object enters, exits, or appears or stays longer than a defined time.

Videotec’s ULISSE EVO range with Video Analytics offers an integrated professional outdoor solution that is more robust and performs better than any other PTZ on the market.

Videotec puts its all-in-one products through hundreds of validation tests in order to guarantee optimum robustness and reliability. Mechanics, electronics, positioning, networking, software, video analysis algorithms and firmware are developed end-to-end by Videotec’s own team who therefore have the complete know-how.

ULISSE EVO, therefore, offers Videotec’s guarantee of being a reliable, cyber-safe, future-proof platform that is easily integrable with third-party products.

Videotec’s new video analysis feature, combined with ULISSE EVOs optimum technology and image quality, ensure the highest level of protection for people, belongings and property.