Explosion-proof cameras and PTZ for hazardous areas

At Videotec, every solution is the result of study and planning carried out by a team of experts that collaborates together with International universities and research centres. This makes Videotec the leader in its field for experimental technologies and materials for the production of absolutely innovative products of top quality and superior performance.

The selection of highly technological materials and components, the use of the most advanced software for mechanical design, the completely automated production systems and the continuous quality controls carried out by competent independent laboratories can attest the conformity with the International standard such as ISO 9001:2000. A certification that Videotec boasts since 1996.

Moreover, Videotec offers a wide array of explosion-proof products, that obtained International Certifications, to meet the rigorous requirements for installation in hazardous areas with explosive risk.

Videotec is the best global partner in the supply of approved CCTV products for hazardous environments.

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