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Offshore and Arctic Cable Management Systems

Industriveien 29,
2020 Skedsmokorset,

Industriveien 29,
2020 Skedsmokorset,

BVS is a Norwegian-based world-leading supplier of cable management systems for the offshore market. Our product range is specially designed for offshore and arctic environments.

Stainless-steel cable management systems

BVS offers a complete range of cable management systems for offshore environments. Our product range includes cable ladders, cable trays, struts, glands, special brackets, trefoil cleats, racks and earthing bars. All products are produced in AISI 316L stainless steel.

Cable management systems for offshore installations

All our cable management systems are specially designed for use on offshore installations and in arctic climates with extreme weather conditions.

Offshore cable support systems

BVS also offers an extensive variety of cable support systems for offshore applications.

Cable management systems for barges

For the Kashagan field development experimental programme, we have joined forces with Aker Engineering & Technology and come up with a new range of cable management systems specially designed to handle the tough conditions in the Caspian Sea. Our products will initially be delivered to seven barges.

Trefoil cleats and earthing bars

For the Gjøa Semi EPCH project, we have produced and supplied a complete package of cable management systems, trefoil cleats and earthing bars.

Development of offshore cable management systems

Our R&D department maintains a standard of excellence in our products, and consistently builds in improved functionality and benefits based on customer feedback. The department remains on top of new trends to ensure the best possible products.

Cable management system accessories

BVS offers a range of accessories for offshore cable management systems, including floodlight support stands, instrument stands, erecting plates for ladder mounting, erecting plates for tray mounting, brackets for heat trace boxes and brackets for floodlights.

Custom cable management systems and accessories

We have long experience in developing tailor-made cable management systems and accessories (including brackets and other special stainless constructions) through joint engineering ventures with our customers.

About BVS

The company’s headquarters is located at Skedsmokorset, just north of Oslo. Manufacturing is carried out in Estonia and the UK. A new production plant was opened in October 2006. A new state-of-the-art pickling and passivating plant provides outstanding environmentally friendly surface treatment.

Kashagan Offshore Oil Field

Discovered in July 2000, Kashagan was described as the largest field found in the past 30 years, the largest outside of the Middle East, with a projected output close to that of the Ghawar field in Saudi Arabia.

Blind Faith Subsea Development

Blind Faith is located in approximately 7,000ft of water at Mississippi Canyon blocks 695 and 696 in the Gulf of Mexico.

Gjøa Field, North Sea Northern

StatoilHydro's Gjøa field lies in blocks 35 / 9 and 36 / 7 of the North Sea. The field was proven in 1989 and its


Industriveien 29

2020 Skedsmokorset