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Drag Chains for Hose and Cable Management

Metool Products Ltd,
Unit 1, Mercian Park,
Derbyshire DE7 8HG,
Mercian Close, Manners Industrial Estate Ilkeston,
United Kingdom

Metool Products Ltd,
Unit 1, Mercian Park,
Derbyshire DE7 8HG,
Mercian Close, Manners Industrial Estate Ilkeston,
United Kingdom

KABELSCHLEPP Metool specialises in cable and hose carriers, also called drag chains, for hose and cable management.

Our products are often designed to specification, or based on a wide range of standard product options, but always customised to individual requirements. We deliver any size, from millimetres to metres. We use all industry-relevant steel and plastic materials, and follow all industry-relevant specifications.

Cable and hose management solutions for offshore equipment

We manufacture and deliver fully assembled packages ready for installation or modules for convenient handling and installation on-site. All of this can also include cable and hose packages, guide channels, support trays and any other necessary accessories. We also offer specific cable and hose management solutions for equipment such as cranes, hoists and lifting devices.

Carrier track (drag chain) for cable and hose management

KABELSCHLEPP is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of carrier track (drag chain) for dynamic cable and hose management. The company is the original inventor of cable and hose carrier chain and is today renowned for industry-leading innovation. For the KABELSCHLEPP worldwide group of companies local presence is key: it has 15 subsidiaries and over 80 representatives worldwide.

Present in the oil and gas market since the early 1970s, we have supplied hundreds of systems to all continents and applications. Our focus is quality and superior service life. We offer full engineering support in all relevant marketplaces. Customers benefit from our extensive industry, product and engineering know-how.

Turnkey project management for chain, hose, cable and fittings

Our full project management includes:

  • Consultancy and site survey: new build, refurbishment, repairs
  • Design of chains and turnkey assemblies: chain, hose, cable and fittings, and trays and substructures
  • Manufacturing, assembly, installation: components, sub assemblies and packages
  • Project management and supervision

Market-leading drag chain technology

KABELSCHLEPP Metool is a market leader in drag chain technology, with over four decades of offshore experience. We have installed hundreds of systems all over the world and we are a specialised engineering resource, offering global support to our customers.

Versatile drag chains for hose and cable management

Our versatile drag chain is suitable for use in a range of environments, including high and low temperature, UV and highly corrosive environments. Our drag chain is fire, spark and explosion proof.

Our installation services are of the highest quality, and we can easily handle difficult installations. Our drag chain comes with full documentation and warranties, and offers longevity, serviceability and operational safety.

Sizes of systems:

  • Lengths of up to 50m
  • Height of up to 4.5m
  • Width of up to 3.5m
  • Weight with hoses and cables up to 70t

Drag chains for offshore applications

Offshore applications for our drag chains include maritime and port; energy, oil and gas exploitation; and similar mechanical or operational requirements. Our drag chains can be used in:

  • Jackups
  • Semi-submersible platforms
  • Drill ships and FPSO
  • Platform directional rig module skidding
  • Deck – canilever skidding
  • Cantilever – drillfloor skid
  • Cantilever directional skidding
  • Land rig skidding
  • Cranes and lifting device
  • Riser pipe handling
  • BOP handling
  • Xmas tree transport
  • Top drives
  • Personnel and service bridges
  • DP thruster raising / lowering
  • Data, sensor, power and other cables
  • High-pressure mud and cement hoses
  • Low-pressure service hoses
  • Fire hoses

Drag chains for hose and cable management – offshore references

KABELSCHLEPP Metool was the first company to pioneer the use of hose in drag chains in the North Sea, thus extending hose service life substantially. Since then, we have delivered many systems and applications to every continent and every offshore theatre in the world. Detailed references are available on request.

KABELSCHLEPP Metool is certified to DIN EN ISO 9001 by an independent body.

TKA Cable Carrier Now With Additional Inner Widths

Especially tight TKA cable carriers from KABELSCHLEPP reliably protect cables against dirt, chips and spray water. They are now available in 360 variants; the newest additions to the TKA55 family are versions with inner widths of 200mm, 225mm and 250mm.

TOTALTRAX Cable Carrier System: All in, All Complete

Cable carrier chain, leads, plug connections; a safe cable carrier system consists of a number of different components. For the user this means a rather complex process in which the individual components must be perfectly matched in order to be fully functional. For the customer, a reliable and much less troublesome solution that is also optimised in terms of costs, means ready-to-install complete systems. Such systems are offered by KABELSCHLEPP Metool under the brand TOTAL TRAX.

KABELSCHLEPP Presents Special Cable Carrier Chain for ATEX Applications

A cable and hose management solution has been needed for an automated drill rod handler on a Bauer deep drilling rig. Other than performance and ATEX-conformity, also longevity and service life were of importance. A KABELSCHLEPP hybrid energy drag chain now delivers all requirements. W

Steel Cable Carriers – The Best Choice for Offshore Applications

Many satisfied KABELSCHLEPP Metool customers know from everyday experience that STEEL chains are by no means 'out dated'. For almost 60 years, these extremely durable and robust 'classics' among cable carrier systems have held their ground in a wide variety of applications. In addition, what many


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