Interconnector at Bacton

Interconnector (UK) Limited operates a subsea gas pipeline and terminal facilities to provide a strategic bi‐directional link between the UK and continental European energy markets.

The Interconnector system comprises compression terminals at IBT in UK and IZT in Belgium connected by a 40in, 235km pipeline.

Following the recent implementation of a jet fire prevention strategy, Interconnector engineers were instructed to devise a preventive maintenance approach toward corrosion on susceptible pipe run flanges and unions.


The jet fire prevention plan involved removing any likelihood of flange material integrity breakdown and gas exposure by subjecting specified flanges, valves and unions to Oxifree TM198 coating – within a defined budget.


Oxifree UK were asked to provide a full site survey and estimate of the application possible within a fixed budget – it was estimated that within the allocated project timeframe of ten days, Oxifree technicians working as a two-man team, would be able to coat approximately 75 various size flanges and valves in a 4mm coating of Oxifree TM 198 coating.

Works were sanctioned to begin in July 2012.


The project was scheduled to last for nine 12hr days with an extra half-day dedicated to site induction/permit introduction and half-day for site closure.

A two man crew were detailed to commence the project which included QA / QC control by Oxifree UK Technical Authority. The entire project was undertaken utilising the Oxifree Polymelt 50 ATEX unit and 240VAC spark arrested generator and pre‐quantified TM 198 material.

During the seventh day, the scheduled 75 flanges were fully encapsulated and the project target met. It was discussed that, while the Oxifree project team were onsite and permits were still valid, encapsulation should continue to include an additional 21 flanges bringing the total coated flange count to 96 over a nine-day period.

All encapsulation were terminated using standard ‘tie-wrapping’ method. Due to site restrictions photographs of the project were unobtainable.

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