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Bolt Norge

bondura® Pivot Pin Technology for Offshore Industrial Applications

bondura® technology is designed and produced by Bolt Norge. Situated in the city of Bryne in Norway, close to Stavanger, the company is able to meet its customers’ demands for services in their chosen field, the oil and gas industry.

The bondura technology is tailored according to each customer’s requirements and specifications. Therefore, Bolt Norge’s bondura is precisely customised without the need for changes to the equipment.

The company’s in-house experts have created a pin that expands and contracts for easy installation and removal, tapered at both ends. No matter what the challenge, bondura’s technology responds to provide the right engineering solution.

The principle behind bondura pivot pin technology

The principle of bondura technology is ingenious and simple. The pin itself is tapered at both ends. The cone sleeves with corresponding tapering are assembled and expand on the bolt upon tightening. Thus, bondura is secured to the support.

Bolt Norge’s product is the only one that provides its customers with a bondura CAD application to enable faster designs for all mechanical joints. The modular design of the pin serves to simplify the engineering process and enhance the quality of the end product.

Bondura pivot pin technology will reduce downtime, optimise machinery performance, ease and speed up maintenance whether planned or unplanned, cut maintenance costs and dramatically increase the lifecycle of equipment, therefore increasing the overall quality of the equipment.

Advantages of using Bolt Norge’s bondura pivot pin technology

bondura is an established system that simplifies design work by achieving a uniform pin design, thus avoiding the need to employ varying pin solutions, as well as complicated housing and securing components.

Heavy loads with impact force to a pivot joint will result in excessive wear to the supports over time. The consequence of such wear can include: damage to equipment, safety hazards and manoeuvrability and accuracy problems during operations, not to mention the time-consuming and costly repairs needed to get the equipment back into an operational capacity.

Bolt Norge’s bondura pivot pin technology eliminates wear, ensuring a solid 180° distribution of the load within the supports of the pivot joint.

The company’s technology also removes the need to repair the supports by subsequent line drilling. The risk of cracks forming in the supports will be reduced and the equipment’s lifecycle will be extended significantly.

Cost-efficient assembly and simple disassembly

When new equipment is being manufactured, assembly play can be built in, that is absorbed by tightening the bondura pin. This will result in a more cost-efficient assembly of equipment and an extremely tight connection, preventing future problems from materialising.

Disassembly of the bondura is very simple as the pin is loose when the cone sleeves are removed. The company has also developed a separate removal tool to make the job easier. The bondura Multi Tool is available for both rental and purchase.

With bondura technology, equipment requiring precision and manoeuvrability will achieve a solid supportive pin connection, therefore preventing the development of play. The bondura pivot pin technology will enhance the quality of equipment, as well as reduce assembly time and lower overall cost.

Bolt Norge’s bondura is a patented product as well as "Type Approved" by DNV. The technology is also certified according to APO, DNV and FEM regulations, and has been classified as "Proven Technology" within the offshore and construction industry since 1994.

Assembly and Maintenance Procedure for Bondura 6.1

The Bondura bolt is type-approval certificated by DNV and follows guidelines by API specifications 8c, DNV rules for lifting appliances, FEM rules for heavy lifting appliances, NS 5514 crane standard.

Bolt Norge AS

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