Kemppi Welding Solutions for the Offshore Industry

Leading global designer and manufacturer of electric arc welding equipment and welding software solutions, Kemppi Oy, is the parent company of Kemppi Australia. The Finnish company creates high-end welding equipment and software solutions for the offshore sector that improve welding quality and productivity.

Kemppi provides a comprehensive range of Mig/Mag, Tig and MMA welding equipment. The units feature the latest inverter power source technology for both manual and automated welding systems. These products meet the needs of the offshore industry, as well as a broad range of industrial manufacturing and construction sectors, including heavy fabrication shops, light to medium welding workshops, vehicle body shops, boat/shipbuilding, mine sites, pipeline fabrication and general manufacturing operations.

Superior welding solutions

Our welding solutions set industry benchmarks in terms of efficiency, performance and safety. Key benefits include relatively high duty cycles, low power consumption and in-built safety features. Some of our products have become standard reference for welding equipment within certain industry sectors and/or applications.

Mig, Tig and MMA welding products

Ideal for repair work on mine sites, onsite pipelines and offshore repair and maintenance, the Minarc EVO DC Mig, Tig and MMA packages are portable and powerful welders. Available from 150amps-250amps, the range includes single and three-phase models. The units operate at 35 per cent duty cycle and are generator compatible. To maximise energy efficiency, each model has power factor correction and inverter power technologies. The range also includes an integrated VRD option, which has a VRD operational status light and fail to safe function, and complies with Australian standards.

Ideal for applications requiring a powerful, quality weld, the Kemppi Fastmig family of Mig welding solutions is the professional choice for those in heavy industry.

The range includes both gas and water-cooled options in Basic, Synergic and Pulse formats. Basic and Synergic are available in 300amp, 400amp and 500amp power sources while the Fastmig Pulse range includes 350amp and 450amp versions.

Among the features of every Fastmig system are a power source, high quality separate wire feeder ensuring optimum control, a choice of control panel functions and a welding gun with interconnecting earth cables. For greater portability, users can choose to add a transport unit to the system. Additional functionality is available with a variety of remote control, arc timing and weld monitoring options.

The Kemppi Supersnake has been designed for welding at a distance and for use in restrictive and confined spaces where the item requiring welding is difficult to reach. Fitted to a Fastmig Synergic system, the Kemppi Supersnake sub feeder including synchronisation card, provides up to 25m of additional welding reach.

Sophisticated welding software solutions

Kemppi has developed a range of optional software solutions that modify and enhance welding arc performance for specific and challenging applications. Called the Kemppi WISE solutions, they can be considered as ‘Apps for Welding.’

The Kemppi WISE solutions include WISE Penetration, Fusion, Thin and Root, and have been designed to improve quality and productivity.

For specific welding purposes, MATCH curves are available as optional software components.

ArcQ welding management system

The ArcQ system is a sophisticated monitoring and management system that helps minimise risk. The system can be integrated with any power source in both multiple machines and multi-site orientation to monitor and report on conformance to pre-registered welding procedures. ArcQ records details of welding materials, base materials, welding staff and all relevant welding procedures. Any non-conformance to the required WPS can be identified in real time or recorded for later analysis. The ArcQ delivers peace of mind in welding management and quality control, particularly in high risk, critical welding operations.

AC/DC Tig welding systems

Perfect for heavy industrial applications, Kemppi offers a range of superior AC/DC MasterTig welding systems. These include Fitweld and ArcFeed.

Highly portable, Fitweld delivers 300amps of fully-packaged welding power in a convenient case. Purposely designed for lower duty applications, it is ideal for use with gas-less wire for remote applications, outdoor tack welding and general welding operations.

The Kemppi ARCFeed devices can be used from almost any power source and are voltage sensing wire-feeding units for productive MIG/MAG welding. The ArcFeed units are rugged and robust, and feature a large, clear LCD volt and amp display for excellent visibility. Easy to use and carry, they offer outstanding ongoing performance.

Kemppi Australia

Kemppi Australia provides sales, customer service and logistical support for the Australian, New Zealand and Pacific island markets. Located in Sydney, the company’s head office facility combines a distribution warehouse with a service repair workshop and welding demonstration bays.

Today, the Kemppi worldwide operation employs over 600 people. It imports via 15 international subsidiaries and exports directly to a further 70 markets.

Kemppi Oy’s headquarters and main manufacturing facility are located in Lahti, Finland. The facility incorporates electronic and welding equipment manufacturing plants that are accredited to both ISO9001 and ISO14001.

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Press Release

Clear Savings with Kemppi FastMig X Welder and WiseRoot+ Special Process Root Welding Without Backing

The final setup of FastMig X is always configured to meet user's needs, what ever they are: materials from mild steel to special alloys, from thin sheets to thick plates, conditions from hot to cold, working environments from workshops to shipyards.

White Papers

Narrow Gap Flux-Cored Arc Welding of High-Strength Shipbuilding Steels

This thesis is part of the Arctic Materials Technologies Development project. The research of the thesis was done in cooperation with Arctech Helsinki Shipyard, Lappeenranta University of Technology and Kemppi Oy.


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Press Release

26 August 2015

The final setup of FastMig X is always configured to meet user's needs, what ever they are: materials from mild steel to special alloys, from thin sheets to thick plates, conditions from hot to cold, working environments from workshops to shipyards.

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20 August 2015

Kemppi's FastMig X product series offers superior welding quality for demanding industrial applications.

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1 March 2012

Leading international welding equipment manufacturer Kemppi has launched a family of revolutionary software based welding products for use with its FastMig and KempArc welding machines.

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Kemppi Oy

Kempinkatu 1

15801 Lahti


+358 3 899 11 +358 3 899 428 Kemppi Solutions FastMig X

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