The global leading welding equipment manufacturer, Kemppi, recently launched its MasterTig LT 250 welding device which converts any welding power source for high-quality DC Tig welding.

Offering maximum user convenience and flexibility, the welding device eliminates the need for troublesome control and mains power cables as it can be powered from any DC welding power source that provides a minimum of 40v open circuit voltage. This includes welding generators and MMA or MIG/MAG power sources.

The ability of the MasterTig LT 250 to draw available line voltage from a parent power source not only eliminates the need to trail additional control and mains power cables around, it helps improve user safety while aiding mobility.

Where the use of multiple MasterTig LT 250 devices is required, the units can be powered from a single power source such as Kemppi’s KempGouge 800. Up to four MasterTig LT250 machines can be powered from the KempGouge 800 and the units can all weld simultaneously.

The air-cooled electronic MasterTig LT 250 can be used to weld both aluminum and steel and is ideal for use in challenging environments including those with high ambient temperatures, humidity and sub-zero work site conditions. Highly versatile, the MasterTig LT 250 can be used with ease both in the workshop and on worksites.

Other sophisticated features of the MasterTig LT 250 include precise ignition for both DC Tig and MMA processes. This ensures excellent reliability and performance even in cases where the use of an extended torch of up to 50m is required.

An easy-to-read digital display provides clear reference for pre-set welding values and parameter setting is logical, easy and accurate. Plus, the rear panel-mounted gas control meter allows easy control of the shielding gas flow.

Weighing only 12.6kg, the MasterTig LT 250 is compact, light and easy to carry thanks to its integrated shoulder strap. All units come with a two-year warranty as standard.