FastMig X and WiseRoot calculation

Kemppi’s FastMig X product series offers superior welding quality for demanding industrial applications. It features three alternative high-end sample setups for different purposes; FastMig X Regular for MIG/MAG pulse welding, FastMig X Pipe for pipe and root welding and FastMig X Intelligent for diversified welding applications, for all metals and processes.

The final setup of FastMig X is always configured to meet user’s needs, whatever they are: materials from mild steel to special alloys, from thin sheets to thick plates, conditions from hot to cold, working environments from workshops to shipyards.

WiseRoot+ – the ultimate MIG/MAG process for root welding without backing

FastMig X Pipe is specially designed for pipe welding. It is also suitable for plates and fast root welding from one side. It produces excellent weld quality, especially when running open gap root passes on pipes or plates without using backing support. WiseRoot+ is up to five times faster than TIG in root welding. One can weld more than 80% a day and save 50% in labour and filler costs with WiseRoot+, as shown in the illustrated calculation.