Leading international welding equipment manufacturer, Kemppi, has released its new, highly portable, Minarc Evo welding equipment range for welders on the move.

Light to carry and easy to use, the new Minarc Evo range supercedes the award winning classic Minarc series which was launched in 2001.

Purposely designed for use in the industrial, manufacturing and mining sectors, the Minarc Evo range delivers outstanding reliability and welding performance where you need it, when you need it.

Incredibly compact, the powerful welders are all about portability and convenience. They can be connected to either mains or generator power.

The new series offers a choice of MMA, MIG/MAG, and DC TIG welding equipment. The models provide maximum output current at 35% duty cycle. The Minarc Evo 150 is a 150 ampere and 5.8kg machine for MMA and TIG welding. For those requiring MIG/MAG welding there is a choice of two 13kg MinarcMig models offering 170 and 200 amperes at maximum. The MinarcTig 200 and 200 MLP models are designed for DC TIG and MMA welding. They weigh 11 kg and offer 200 amperes at 35% duty cycle.

All models feature power factor correction (PFC) and inverter power technologies, which ensure astonishing energy efficiency and maximum welding power in any 1-phase to satisfy a wide variety of applications.

The Minarc Evo 150 is a MMA and TIG machine that combines all of the welding quality expected of Minarc products. The 150 features precise arc ignition, large voltage reserves and automatic arc dynamics control, making it suitable for welding with all electrode types. It also has a large LED meter display, remote current control option and Lift TIG ignition.

The Minarc Evo 140 and 150 VRD (voltage reduction device) are perfect in the mining environment. They meet the Australian standard AS60974-1 and MDG 25. They have been tested to achieve lower than 35v maximum open circuit voltage within 300Msec from peak load. The models feature integrated VRD, a VRD operational status light and fail to safe function in the event of VRD failure. The 140 also has a maximum 10amp rating.

The MinarcMig Evo 170 and 200 are MIG/MAG machines that pack huge welding capacity and quality into their portable and compact size. Users can choose between Automatic or Manual mode set-up for precise welding quality and arc ignition, monitored and controlled by Kemppi’s adaptive arc regulation system. Both models have a large LCD graphical interface guiding the user during set-up. The Automatic mode in the MinarcMig 200 allows the user to simply set the plate thickness and weld. Material selection includes ferrous, stainless-steel, aluminum and CuSi filler wires.

The MinarcTig Evo 200 and 200 MLP offer accurate and refined HF ignition and the necessary control, power and work capacity to reliably complete a variety of professional TIG welding tasks. MinarcTig Evo is the ideal DC TIG welding solution for light industrial manufacturing, installation, repair and maintenance applications. Functions include pre and post gas time control, current upslope and downslope time control, and remote control options. The MLP models are equipped with Minilog control and semi-automatic arc pulse function. MinarcTig Evo is a dual-process machine that also provides quality MMA welding for a range of DC electrode types.