Producers, drilling contractors and rental companies periodically experience marginally acceptable hardbanding applications. But now there is a simple but effective new tool to ensure that their hardband applicators are properly applying hardbanding alloys, such as Duraband® NC or Tuffband® NC. The new Hardbanding Gauge & Rule, newly introduced by Hardbanding Solutions, offers the user a quick ‘at a glance’ check of the thickness of the applied hardband.

"The new gauge is perfect for on-site inspections."

The new gauge is perfect for on-site inspections. By simply placing the ruler-like tool on top of the weld, the user can quickly check the height, width and profile of hardbands. Three different slots make measuring easy: the 1/32in slot helps determine if re-application is necessary, the 3/32in slot reveals the recommended minimum application thickness and the 1/8in slot shows the recommended maximum application thickness.

The stainless-steel gauge, which is patent pending, includes both metric and English measurements. It also features a series of ‘steps’ that allow the applicator to easily set the torch to the correct height.

For more information on the Hardbanding Gauge & Rule, contact Postle Industries. The new tool is available for purchase on the company’s website for $18.