Hardbanding drill pipe with trusted hardbands, such as Duraband® NC or Tuffband® NC from Hardbanding Solutions by Postle, has been shown to decrease drilling costs and downtime while increasing profitability and productivity. But is there a difference between hardband applications on new drill pipe and reapplication over existing hardbanding?

Whenever possible, the best outcomes are realized by applying hardbanding to new pipe, as opposed to not using hardbanding at all. Having Duraband NC or Tuffband NC applied before the drill pipe is first used is always the best way to extend the life of the pipe, protect the casing and simplify reapplications. With almost 200 certified applicators located worldwide, reapplication is assured.

"With almost 200 certified applicators located worldwide, reapplication is assured."

Applying Duraband NC or Tuffband NC from the very start reduces costs related to reapplication. They are both non-cracking and reapplication is straightforward, applied directly over the previous hardband without need for removal. Duraband NC or Tuffband NC offer distinct cost- and time-saving advantages over other competitive hardband products that have stress-cracks and spalling that must be removed prior to reapplication. Removal of the previous hardband will drive up the cost of reapplication by 300% to 400%, since it will require the removal of the previous hardband, application of mild steel welding wire as a buildup, subsequent machining of the mild steel to prepare the tool joint for the application of the hardband and application of the hardbanding.

Duraband NC or Tuffband NC can substantially reduce the cost of reapplication and eliminate these extra procedures, since they can be applied directly over themselves, as well as some other competitive hardbanding products, without the need for removal, providing that proper inspection procedures have been carried out.