Hardbanding Solutions by Postle Industries is now offering site inspections to ensure that its certified hardband applicators are properly applying Duraband® NC and Tuffband® NC hardbanding alloys.

Producers, drilling contractors and rental companies periodically experience marginally acceptable hardbanding applications. To be certain that their hardbanding products are being applied to specification, Hardbanding Solutions by Postle or its global representatives, will dispatch a quality assurance specialist to monitor the application of Duraband® NC or Tuffband® NC and will prepare a comprehensive report that will be shared with the applicator and requesting company. This report will include a Site Inspection Applicator Certification form, photos and comments. A Non-Conformance Report and a Correction Action Report will also be provided, if necessary.

This is one of the quality assurance measures that Hardbanding Solutions has implemented to be certain that their certified applicators are correctly and consistently applying Duraband® NC or Tuffband® NC in compliance with the Postalloy Hardbanding manual. Hardbanding Solutions offers this service at no charge. Depending on the location, site inspections can be performed on short notice. Remote areas or locations that require advanced travel arrangements require more notice.

For more information, or to schedule a site inspection of Duraband® NC or Tuffband® NC applications, contact Steve Stefancic +1 216 386 6114 or sstefancic@postle.com.