Two of the most recognised hardbands in the industry are non-cracking Duraband NC and Tuffband NC. Each product has been proven to decrease drilling costs and downtime while increasing profitability and productivity. Both are casing-friendly. Tuffband NC is used when drilling conditions are not very abrasive, while Duraband NC is used for more severe drilling environments when a more wear-resistant hardband is required to protect the tool joints and extend the life of the drill string. Despite these great attributes, some have speculated that the increased wear resistance would come at the expense of casing protection.

To resolve this concern, the manufacturer of both hardbands, Hardbanding Solutions, a business unit of Postle Industries, commissioned the independent Houston laboratory, Mohr Engineering, to conduct a Casing Wear Test on both Duraband NC and Tuffband NC.

The results confirm that, even though Duraband NC offers increased wear resistance and tool joint life, it also reduces casing wear by almost 50% over Tuffband NC.

"There’s a good reason we named it ‘Duraband’," explained John Postle, president of Postle Industries. "Duraband is the one hardband that provides both exceptional abrasion resistance plus casing protection in all drilling environments, including deep water and extended reach drilling. Furthermore, because it is non-cracking, Duraband NC is ideal for use in Sour Gas Environments, as well as HPHT Wells."