Hardbanding Solutions by Postle Industries has introduced a new non-magnetic hardband which is said to dramatically improve wear resistance. The new hardband, called Ultraband™ NM, can provide up to 500% improved wear resistance over ordinary non-magnetic welding alloys such as 310 stainless steel. Additionally, it can provide up to 500% better abrasion resistance than drill collar base materials.

The new hardband is perfect for oil and gas industry directional drilling applications such as non-magnetic drill collars, stabilizers and MWD/LWD drilling tools and related components. It is made to be used on non-magnetic base materials such as P530, AG17, 15-15LC, NMS-100 and others.

Ultraband NM can be applied directly to non-magnetic tools and over previous layer of stainless steel. The new hardband meets API specification 7 and has a relative permeabililty less than 1.01.

Even when applied in multiple layers, the manufacturer has found no spalling issues providing the interpass temperatures are properly controlled. Ultraband NM is non-cracking and has a hardness reading of 40 Rc. Deposits have proven to be smooth and free of any slag. Re-application is easy providing that the worn deposit is clean and free of defects.

For additional wear protection, a non-magnetic "cast tungsten carbide" may be dropped into the weld.