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Pro Analysis Hires Three New Technical Engineers

Norway-based technology organisation Pro Analysis AS is pleased to announce the hiring of three new technical engineers in response to an increase in activity and a number of new contracts.

Pro Analysis is located in Bergen on the west coast of Norway.

All major oil and gas operators have proven their technology for continuous and maintenance-free Oil in Water (OiW) monitoring, Argus®.

Real-time information of ppm levels helps the operator to optimise the production, which both increase profit and reduce oil discharge to sea.

Since launching in 2005, Pro Analysis has sold more than 220 systems worldwide and is considered a market leader in the North Sea.

The company has won several contracts internationally over the last few years, and more than 80% of its activities are now from international projects.

Pro Analysis CEO Gunnar Alfheim said: "The contracts show that we are competitive in a quality-conscious market.

"During one to two years of operation the investment costs with Argus are normally returned, due to increased efficiency, less waste of hydrocarbons and reduced labour costs."

The company’s new employees will carry out fabrication, testing, installation and commissioning of new systems, as well as follow-up and service for old customers.

Pro Analysis also expects higher demand in the coming years, due to several technological breakthroughs in recent years, including:

  • Argus Multipoint enables up to four measurement points connected to one control unit. This means huge cost and space savings for fields with several measurement points.
  • Argus Extreme, the world’s only OiW-monitor with self-cleaning at high pressure (<100bar), is now ready for the market after successful testing with Statoil this spring.

On top of this, Argus is proven to report oil discharge directly to national authorities.

This feature alone saves approximately €150,000 per platform per year (North Sea costs).

Alfheim added: "Proven reliability over the years combined with new innovations gives our customers outstanding possibilities for process management and reporting.

"Both them and the environment wins."

Pro Analysis AS is a part of Holta & Haaland Oil and Gas.

For more information, please contact the company via the enquiries form.

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