Since the beginning of the year, Thermtech has installed two new TCC® units, both currently in operation in Norway. The first one is operated by Nordmiljø at their treatment plant in Sandnessjøen, the second, operated by DVS Norge, is located in Mongstad.

Thermtech set the global technological standard for the treatment of oily waste coming from drilling, refining and oil production, contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly oil industry. Thermtech technology is commonly referred to as TCC. 35 TCC units are presently working onshore and offshore all over the world, operated by major service companies like Baker Hughes, DVS Norge, Halliburton, M-I Swaco, SAR, Scomi Oiltools, TWMA, etc.

The TCC represents for environmental, operational and commercial reasons the ‘best available technology’ for an increasing number of oil companies. TCC units do not run on external heating sources and thereby distinguish themselves from other thermal separation technologies.

Working in a fundamentally different way the low-temperature desorption in the TCC is achieved by transforming kinetic energy into thermal energy through the friction created in the waste itself. This groundbreaking new concept makes the TCC unit smaller and more compact than the processing units based on different thermal separation technologies.

The TCC is the only thermal separation technology that can be moved easily around onshore and operated offshore. The waste treatment with the TCC technology offers significant commercial advantages. The quality of the recovered oils is generally high, due to the very short retention time in the TCC and to the low operational temperature.
The absence of external heating sources makes the TCC absolutely safe and explosion proof.

The treatment capacities of the TCC range between 1 and 10 metric tons per hour.
The power can be supplied by an electrical motor or by a diesel engine.
The TCC can be designed as a permanent installation or as a mobile unit.

TCC units can be combined with other equipment. To optimise the energy consumption the TCC can be fitted with equipment for waste heat recovery. For the process control of the TCC plant and environmental monitoring Thermtech supplies a mobile laboratory container.

Another significant advantage of the TCC is its reliability. It operates continuously for long periods of time without unplanned stops. The equipment is controlled by an advanced user friendly PLC system which can be remotely accessed.

Beside the equipment itself, Thermtech offers assistance with permit applications and plant design, education and training of customer’s operators and supervisors, installation and commissioning, operational start up assistance, maintenance contracts, spare parts and remote and on site supervision of operations.

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